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4 Types of International Freight Forwarder’s Transportation

(1) Shipping Broker, refers to a person who conducts the ship leasing business with ships as the object of commercial activities. The main business is to find suitable transportation ships for the charterer or find freight objects for the shipowner in the market, and to make the chartered ship as an intermediary. Both the person and the shipowner enter into a lease transaction and earn a commission from it. Therefore, according to the identity of the principal it represents, it is divided into chartering agent and shipowner’s agent.

(2) Shipping Agent. Refers to the person who accepts the entrustment of the carrier and handles all the business related to the ship. The main business includes the entry and exit of the ship, freight, supply and other service work. The entrustment of the ship and the acceptance of the agent are limited to one time per ship, which is called voyage agency; there is a long-term agency agreement signed between the ship and the agent, which is called long-term agency.

(3) Freight Forwarder. Refers to the person who accepts the entrustment of the owner and handles the customs declaration, handover, warehousing, allocation, inspection, packaging, transshipment, booking and other services on behalf of the owner, mainly including booking agent, cargo handling agent, cargo customs declaration agent, forwarding agent , tally agent, storage agent, container agent, etc.

(4) Consultativeagent: Refers to those who specialize in consulting work and receive certain remuneration for providing services related to international trade and transportation, intelligence, data, data and information according to the needs of the client. The business between the above types of agents is often intertwined. For example, many shipping agents also operate freight forwarders, and some freight forwarders also operate shipping agents.

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