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8 questions to help you find the right Chinese Freight Forwarding Company

When importing from abroad, you will certainly deal with China freight forwarders, and in that case it would be better to deal with a freight forwarder from the country from which you are importing.

But what are the specifications of the shipping agent you want to deal with? And how can you trust him to achieve what you want in the process of shipping goods without any fraud, fraud or damage to the goods?

In this article, we’re going to show you 8 questions you should ask the shipping agent before dealing with it.

China Freight Forwarder

1: Do you have a presence in the country of import?

We can define a freight forwarder as the person responsible for ensuring that your goods arrive from the supplier country to their intended destination in a timely and safe manner.

Is there any benefit to having a freight forwarder in the country you are importing from?

If you are new to importing from abroad, you need to find a professional freight forwarder to handle your shipment, who is knowledgeable in how to manage your international shipping so that there are no unnecessary delays or charges.

Finding a forwarder in the country of import will definitely save you time and money, but it must be reliable for your supply chain requirements.

2: Do you have shipment tracking service?

The general rule of thumb is that it’s always best to choose a forwarder that can provide a great tracking service.

With advances in technology, cargo tracking tools are readily available to importers, whether it’s via an online code to see where your ship is crossing or emails that keep you updated on your cargo journeys.

And because you’ll want to inquire about this tracking option, the freight forwarder must have the ability to provide it.

Even if the freight forwarder charges an additional fee for this service, it is certainly important and the agent who provides it is better than others.

3: Do you provide assistance in customs clearance?

It is important that the freight forwarder you want to deal with has experience with customs clearance procedures.

The work of freight forwarders in this area involves a range of activities to ensure the smooth clearance of goods.

So the freight forwarder must have some basic qualities to perform its job in the perfect way. The freight forwarder offers its customs expertise to importers who need to meet the standards, regulations and customs duty requirements of their goods.

China Freight Forwarder

4: Can you bid quickly?

As an importer, you are probably well versed in automatic calculation of shipping rates based on the weight of the products, the destination, and other details provided. This is referred to as live rates or real-time shipping rates.

If your forwarder doesn’t offer direct rates, it might be a good idea to start looking for another agent.

Pricing will undoubtedly play a key role in determining the right forwarder. So make sure your freight forwarder can provide a quick and accurate quote.

5: What services does the quote include?

Offering the best shipping rates by a freight forwarder will go a long way towards securing trust between you and the shipping agent.

You may discover that some freight forwarders charge exorbitant amounts for certain services, if this is the case, make sure that these agents provide comprehensive services of packaging, packaging and quality inspection to ship goods and this is what all importers want.

Therefore, check with the shipping agent you will deal with about the services and their prices in detail before contracting with him.

6: Are there any potential additional costs? What kind of costs are these?

Of course, there are additional costs that the shipping agent may add, such as quality control or packaging costs, and this is not new for importers.

There are other costs that you may have to pay, namely insurance costs.

Not all freight forwarder companies provide insurance. If this is a necessary shipping feature for your business and goods, take some time to compare freight forwarders before adopting one to find an agent that offers a reasonable price.

This simple and low-cost feature may usually ease your mind knowing that there is insurance on the goods.

China Freight Forwarder

7: Do you have a license?

Ask the freight forwarder if he has a license to practice the profession from the customs authority in his country, in order to have authority, decision and experience in the field of customs clearance and cargo clearance procedures.

This ensures that the freight forwarder is acting on your behalf to ensure that all requirements for clearing the shipment and shipping it to your country are met.

Being a licensed agent means that he has passed an exam, applied for a license as a broker, paid the necessary fees, and received the approval of the customs authority of the supplier country.

8: Do you provide packaging service?

If you start looking for a forwarder, ask about their packaging services. For the shipping agent to pack and load your goods and deliver them directly to your chosen destination, this relieves you of many burdens of details.

Finally, if the agent answers these eight questions before contracting with him in the affirmative, this will guarantee you excellent service, and goods arrive on time, without the trouble of delaying customs clearance procedures and other matters related to shipping goods.

Do not be complacent in choosing the right shipping agent and strive to always choose the best.

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