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About Dubai’s culture and customs

The Middle East always is mysterious and special, but in the past 10 years, information has developed, transportation is convenient, tourism population is numerous, and many different cultural practices have gradually been introduced into this land, especially Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Dubai) is an uncompromising metropolitan area. On the road, you can see Muslims wearing traditional Arab white robes, as well as modern newcomers dressed up in modern and fashionable. The UAE attaches great importance to its own cultural and historical protection.

One of the important parts of the protection process is to ensure that the UAE’s rich cultural heritage evidence is properly preserved and that the protection of many special archaeological and architectural sites and manuscripts is given the highest priority. . The wide range of cultural and customary courses, museum displays, heritage villages and the reconstruction of damaged monuments all contribute to creating a good environment and atmosphere for cultural heritage.

UAE Customs

The UAE is a typical Arab country, and Islamic culture is its main foundation. In addition, the Middle East is the origin of the world’s Muhlin, with a unique lifestyle and cultural customs. In the UAE, everything guides daily actions in accordance with the teachings of the Qur’an. Violations of doctrine are regarded as rebellious and punished according to doctrine. It is forbidden to slay, ruin the names of others, provoke dissension, and tell the truth. In terms of diet, according to the Muslim diet and habits prescribed in the Qur’an, fasting pigs, horses, donkeys, donkeys, dogs, snakes, turkeys, self-dead meat, floating fish and all animal blood; fasting tigers, wolves, lions , leopards, bears, elephants, monkeys, hawks, toads, and other ostrich beasts; banned opium, banned drinking, etc. Generally, Arab families dine on the table and grab their hands.

The culture about Dubai

Some devout Islamic believers do not like to shake hands with women. Even when you need to shake hands in social situations, wait for others to reach out. UAE people love brown, dark blue, taboo pink, yellow, purple, love antelope, if the pig, cross, hexagonal pattern as a taboo. After work, local businessmen like to sit in the coffee shop, there is no nightclub, and the dinner is always in the other’s home. When invited to the UAE merchants, there are often only men, and women have no social status. Tips for climate and wearing the UAE are tropical desert climates, divided into two seasons a year, in the hot season from May to October each year, the maximum temperature is maintained at around 40 degrees Celsius; into the cool season from November to April The climate is pleasant and the temperature is basically maintained at around 15 degrees Celsius.

Therefore, the cool season is the best season for travel in the UAE, wearing light and comfortable clothes; if it is hot season, you need to bring sunglasses, sunscreen and so on. The time difference in UAE is 4 hours slower than Beijing time in China. Currency The UAE currency is Dirham, and the bank exchange rate is: US$1 convertible to approximately DKK 3.664, based on the prevailing exchange rate. The US dollar is freely convertible at banks, restaurants.

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