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Write Various Limitations of International Logistics Management

Advantages and Disadvantages of International Logistics Line

In international logistics, international dedicated line is a kind of logistics transportation, and logistics transportation includes international business express, postal parcel, sea transportation, etc. International special line is a one-to-one logistics service, such as China to a certain country, targeted logistics and transportation services. Since the international logistics company is a one-to-one logistics service, it will be more efficient in terms of transportation timeliness, which is one of the advantages of international dedicated lines.

At the same time, the international logistics company’s special line also has its own disadvantages. Compared with the international express companies such as UPS, which are not suitable for international special lines, the international express line is more powerful. The international special line is to transport goods in a centralized manner, and there is no fixed route and tracking information, so there are also unstable factors. , let’s share the advantages and disadvantages of international private lines.

Advantages of International Logistics Line

1. Abundant rental items

International logistics companies can undertake a variety of commodities, which can meet the needs of different product types. For example, channel products, battery products, cosmetics, pure batteries and other items have corresponding channels for transportation. Compared with general logistics channels, there are more types of items that can be mailed.

2. High cost performance

The international logistics company’s dedicated line is a cost-effective logistics channel, which is mainly reflected in two aspects. First, in terms of timeliness, the timeliness of the international dedicated line is slower than that of other commercial air cargo express, and faster than the postal service. In terms of transportation costs, the price of the international logistics company’s dedicated line is cheaper than other express delivery, and it is similar to the price of postal parcels. In general, the dedicated lines of international logistics companies are more balanced in terms of timeliness and freight rates.

3. High customs clearance efficiency

Most of the current international special lines use the tariff prepaid model. This model can actually improve the customs clearance efficiency of goods and solve the customs clearance problems that sellers worry about. Moreover, the customs clearance efficiency is high, and the overall logistics timeliness has also increased.

Disadvantages of international logistics lines

1. Non-standard compensation system

Compared with commercial express and postal services, there are no standard compensation provisions for international dedicated lines. There is no quantitative standard for the loss of items, the compensation is low, and the risk of the shipper sending the goods is high.

2. The flight is not fixed

At present, the dedicated lines of international logistics companies use centralized freight. In order to save transportation costs, many logistics carriers do not have fixed flights. Usually by receiving the estimated value of arrival and then arranging for flight delivery. So it may affect the timeliness of the goods.

3. The logistics information is not detailed

Due to the limited number of international logistics lines, the tracking information is not detailed, and the cargo owner will not be able to obtain the logistics information in time.

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