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Air freight Cost from China to USA

Air shipping from China to USA cost:

Air freight is popular with cross-border e-commerce, and the main buyers have high demand for logistics, so many sellers will choose international air transportation services or dedicated lines, winning a considerable market with high efficiency and punctuality, greatly shortening the delivery time. Time has played a great role in accelerating capital turnover and circulation activation in the logistics supply chain.

Air freight from China to USA cost

Airlines put a lot of flights into the cargo business. But air freight is more expensive than sea freight and takes more time. The cost ratio of air freight is about 1:10.

Cost of air freight from China to USA:

1. Product name (whether it is a dangerous product)

2. Weight (related to charges), volume (dimensions and whether the goods are in stock)

3. Packaging (whether or not wooden boxes, pallets)

4. Destination airport (base point or not)

5. Time required (direct flight or alternate landing)

6. Flight requirements (service and price differences between flights)

7. Type of Bill of Lading (Master Bill of Lading and Sub-Bill of Lading)

8. Required transportation services (customs declaration method, agency documents, customs clearance, delivery)

Compared with international shipping or international express, what are the advantages of international air freight?

International air cargo has won a considerable market with its fast, flexible, safe, punctual and efficient. International air transportation can greatly shorten the delivery time and play a major role in optimizing the logistics supply chain and speeding up capital turnover.

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