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Air Freight Forwarding Company Functions

Basenton Air Freight Forwarding Company Functions

1. As a bridge and link between cargo owners and airlines, it generally has two functions:

(1) The function of providing services for the cargo owner, and handling the consignment or pickup of the cargo to the airline on behalf of the cargo owner.

(2) The agency function of the airline, which is authorized by the airline to accept cargo on behalf of the airline, issue the airline’s main bill and its own sub-bills, or engage in airport ground operations.

2. Types of agents


1) IATA cargo agent
Possess certain qualifications, is registered by IATA, and is appointed by IATA Airlines to be an agent engaged in freight forwarding business.

2) Consolidator & Break bulk agent
Agents who are engaged in pooling the cargo of multiple shippers as a single shipment to the carrier and using lower freight rates.

(2) Airport handling agent
Loading and unloading cargo, dismantling cargo and container boards; refueling the aircraft, catering, cleaning the aircraft, checking in for passengers, checking luggage, aircraft maintenance and inspection, etc.

3. Conditions of air freight forwarder:
(1) Must be very familiar with transportation links and related rules and regulations.

(2) Maintain extensive and close ties with civil aviation, customs, commodity inspection and transportation departments.

(3) There are branches or agents all over the world, which can contact and control the whole process of goods transportation in time.

(4) Generally, it has its own land transportation means and a certain number of warehouses to meet the different requirements of the consignee and consignee.

4. The benefits of using international freight forwarders:

(1) A number of separately sent goods are formed into a whole batch of goods by means of centralized consignment, and the same waybill is sent to the same station. The local agent is responsible for receiving the goods and delivering them to the actual consignee in batches. In this way, the airlines can obtain lower freight rates, and both the agent companies and the cargo owners can benefit.

(2) For airlines, although they paid a certain amount of remuneration to the agency company, the agency company consigns the goods of many customers together, which saves a lot of manpower, material resources and time, and organizes the supply of products to contract a large number of customers. , which will help airlines to further develop the air transport market.

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