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Amazon FBA Warehouse Requirements for Outer Box Size and Pallet Standards

Amazon FBA service provides convenient warehousing and distribution solutions for cross-border e-commerce, but it also imposes strict requirements on the packaging and transportation of goods. Understanding and adhering to these regulations is critical to ensuring smooth arrival of goods, reducing unnecessary costs and avoiding returns. This article will explain in detail the requirements for outer box size and pallet standards in Amazon’s FBA warehouse, and how cross-border e-commerce merchants can choose appropriate packaging methods to maximize space utilization and protect the safety of goods.


Outer box size requirements

Amazon FBA warehouse has clear regulations on the size of cargo boxes. The length of any side must be less than or equal to 63.5 cm. This regulation applies to all goods shipped to Amazon’s FBA warehouse. If the single piece size of the goods themselves exceeds this limit, such as a length exceeding 63.5 cm, then when stored in the UK FBA warehouse, the goods must be placed on a pallet with a standard size of 1000 mm by 1250 mm. For FBA warehouses in other European countries, pallets of 800 mm by 1200 mm are usually required.

The purpose of this provision is to ensure that goods can be stored and transported efficiently while also avoiding returns due to size issues. When preparing goods, cross-border e-commerce merchants should carefully measure and ensure that the outer box size meets Amazon’s requirements. In addition, if the size of the shipping box required for a single piece of goods exceeds the size of a standard pallet, it is recommended to communicate with the FBA warehouse in advance to obtain specific guidance.

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Pallet standards

As a basic tool for cargo storage and transportation, pallets’ standard sizes are crucial to the entire logistics process. In the UK, the standard pallet size usually accepted by Amazon FBA warehouses is 1000mm by 1250mm, while in other European countries, it is mostly 800mm by 1200mm. These pallets are not only used for storage of goods, but also facilitate the handling and loading of goods within the warehouse.

When cross-border e-commerce merchants select pallets, they should ensure that their dimensions match the requirements of the FBA warehouse. In addition, the quality and load-bearing capacity of the pallet are also factors to consider. High-quality pallets can ensure that goods remain stable during long-distance transportation and reduce the risk of damage to goods.

Packaging strategy

Choosing the right packaging method is crucial for cross-border e-commerce. First of all, you must ensure that the cartons used meet the official size requirements of the Amazon platform. Secondly, the goods should be placed reasonably in the carton to ensure that the space is maximized and to avoid damage to the goods due to collision during transportation. Each piece of goods should be individually packaged and, if necessary, use cushioning materials such as foam, bubble wrap, etc. to provide additional protection.

Cross-border e-commerce can reduce transportation costs by optimizing packaging strategies, thereby reducing product costs and increasing profits. For example, by using lightweight but strong packaging materials, you can reduce the overall shipping weight while keeping your goods safe. In addition, reasonable cargo arrangement and space utilization can also reduce the number of required transport boxes, further reducing logistics costs.

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Amazon FBA Warehouse Requirements for Outer Box Size and Pallet Standards


By strictly abiding by Amazon’s warehousing regulations and choosing appropriate packaging and pallets, cross-border e-commerce can not only ensure the smooth warehousing of goods, but also effectively control transportation costs and improve overall operational efficiency.

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