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Amazon Japan Launches New FBA Shipping Program

Amazon Japan recently announced that from September 1, 2022, traditional delivery procedures will be migrated to “Deliver to Amazon.”

August 31st is the last day for sellers in Japan to create delivery schedules using traditional delivery procedures; from September 1st, traditional delivery procedures will no longer be available in Japan. The new FBA shipping program is “Delivery to Amazon”.

Shipping to Amazon FBA
Shipping to Amazon FBA

Many sellers already use “Delivery to Amazon”, where sellers can create delivery schedules with simple steps and training videos; can create reusable manufacturer packaging templates, store product information, packaging and labeling details in shipping boxes, and Use the same configuration for a single SKU shipping box. Using this template, sellers don’t need to re-enter details each time they restock their inventory.

Additionally, sellers can add single-SKU shipping boxes and mixed-SKU shipping boxes to the same delivery program; either in advance or as soon as they are ready to ship.

Sellers can now also access “Delivery to Amazon” from Manage Delivery Schedules, which are automatically assigned when sellers create a delivery schedule from Warehouse Management, FBA Warehouse Management, or Order Advice. Until August 31, sellers can create new delivery schedules using traditional delivery procedures.

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