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Characteristics of open top containers and flat containers

1. Notes of Open top container:

(1) Special cabinets are generally limited to 4 meters in width and height for ultra-wide and ultra-high goods.Once more than 4 meters, the choice of miscellaneous transport

(2) When making an inquiry and quotation, we should pay attention to whether the size of the goods is within or outside the specification

(3) Open top does not mean that the transportation is really “open”. The goods of open top container have the same waterproof and protection requirements as ordinary containers, so the top must be covered with waterproof devices after loading the goods.

(4) Cover the tarpaulin well during the operation of open-top cabinet transportation, grasp the highway width limit and high standard, arrange the trailer according to the specific situation of the goods, and calculate the trailer cost according to the situation of the goods.

(5) Open top container transportation binding, the first is to understand the specific situation of the goods, shape and weight, decide which open top container size needs to be used, the key is the balance of the center of gravity;The main material is steel wire, joint, binding belt, small wood pad.Binding point requires a good connection with the whole, strong force, the distance between binding points to be short;If there is no binding point, the overall binding shall be carried out according to the size of the goods.Had better take a picture after binding is finished, keep the picture of open top ark after binding with standby, if the person that professional guides binding is not present, also convenient transmission this opens top ark picture to seek binding guidance, see whether bind correctly.When making an inquiry, we need to ask who is responsible for binding and who will bear the cost.

Introduction to specific containers

2. Notes of flat board container:

(1) Good binding/supporting/fixing of flat cabinet and trailer transportation, pay attention to balanced placement and maintain stable center of gravity.According to the needs of the goods themselves, waterproof and moisture-proof measures must be taken with good strength of the packaging, in order to avoid the packaging of goods in transit rupture.

(2) The main part of the goods is fixed on the cabinet with steel cables.

(3) The front and rear of the goods must be effectively strengthened. In addition to adequate steel rope reinforcement, chocking should be installed to prevent the goods from moving back and forth.

(4) Bulk cargoes must be properly packed, preferably in case with no packing or vacancy.Flat board cabinet binding, binding steel cables and wooden boxes between the need for pad.

(5) Provide cargo loading drawing/loading plan before loading.Whether the goods can be shipped not only depends on whether to do a good job of flat board cabinet binding reinforcement, trailer arrangement, but also to take into account the actual operation of each dock and route arrangement, whether the port equipment can undertake the goods.

3. What materials should OOG ask the customer to provide for the inquiry?

OOG special cabinet inquiry and general cabinet inquiry are very different, according to the specific size, size and weight of goods to determine the price.

When making an inquiry, please remember to provide the size of the special container after the packaging of the goods, the weight of the goods and the delivery date. If the size of the goods is too large and the weight is uneven, please also provide pictures so that the shipping company can determine whether the goods can be transported.

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