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Cheapest Shipping Agent Company from China to Kenya

We at Basenton Logistics, are proud of our services to our clients based in China and Africa. We are among the top trade facilitators for both countries. We provide an array of services that ensure safe and timely dispatch of goods between both countries. shipping from china to kenya, Our range of services include, but not limited to the following;

Shipping From China To Kenya

Cheapest Shipping from China to Kenya

Shipping Freight Options from China to Kenya

Shipping from China to Kenya is a common practice due to the significant trade relations between the two countries. There are several methods available for shipping goods from China to Kenya, and the choice depends on factors such as the nature of the goods, urgency, and budget. Here are a few options:

Sea Freight: Sea freight is the most economical option for shipping large volumes of goods. The goods are loaded into shipping containers and transported via cargo ships. The shipping time can vary from 20 to 40 days, depending on the specific ports and shipping lines used. You can either use a Full Container Load (FCL) or Less than Container Load (LCL) service, depending on the volume of your goods.

Air Freight: Air freight is a faster option but usually more expensive than sea freight. It is suitable for urgent or high-value shipments. Air freight typically takes around 5 to 10 days for delivery. You can work with airlines or freight forwarding companies to arrange air freight services.

Courier Services: Courier services like DHL, FedEx, and UPS provide fast and reliable shipping options from China to Kenya. They handle the entire shipping process, including customs clearance, and offer door-to-door delivery services. This option is suitable for small packages or documents.

Land Freight: If your goods are located in southern China or neighboring countries, you can consider land freight options. There are road and rail connections between China and Kenya through various transit countries. This option can be cost-effective and faster than sea freight but requires proper logistics planning.

Shipping From China To Kenya

Shipping port from China to Kenya

Both countries trade extensively via the sea route. To facilitate the sea trade both countries have developed seaports along their coasts. China has a very long coastline and has developed several modern seaports alongside. We take a look at some of them below.

Main seaports in China:

Following are the main seaports of China;


Guangzhou is located in the south of the country and is the capital of Guangdong province. It has a busy and developed seaport, among the busiest in the world. The port is connected to 300 ports all over the world and all the major shipping lines have offices there. It has all the facilities of a modern seaport.


Shenzhen is located in the southeast of the country. It is also one of the busiest container ports in the world. It ranks in the top 5. Shenzhen has facilities like storage, handling, bonded warehouse, etc. Shenzhen is the starting point of 130 sea routes worldwide.


Xiamen is also a big seaport with the capacity to handle big vessels. It is the 15th largest container port in the world. The presence of the top 20 shipping companies in Xiamen marks its importance. It is connected to around 50 countries of the world with hundreds of ships on call every month.


Another busy Chinese seaport with millions of tons’ cargo handling every year. It is located almost in the middle of the Chinese mainland’s coastline. This makes it ideal for transporting goods produced in the central parts of the country like the Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces. It remains operational throughout the year which is another plus point.


Shanghai is the largest container port in the world.  One-fourth of the global container traffic takes place in Shanghai.  More than 2000 containers leave Shanghai port for their global destinations. It serves some 281 sea routes globally.


The port of Qingdao is located along the coast of the Yellow Sea in Shandong province. It is a natural deep water port that is operational throughout the year. It is among the busiest in the world with the capacity to handle millions of tons of cargo annually. It has large terminals for containers, grains, iron ore, etc. It is connected to some 450 ports in 130 countries.


Tianjin is called the sea gate of Beijing due to its proximity to Beijing which has no sea or river of its own. Tianjin is connected to 500 ports worldwide. It records the activity of around 500 ships every month. It has great economic importance for the north and northeastern region. This port serves some five million square kilometers of the hinterland.

Shipping From China To Kenya

Main seaports in Kenya:

We now shed some light on the main ports of Kenya.


Mombasa is the main port of Kenya. Besides Kenya, it also serves neighboring landlocked countries like Congo, Burundi, Rwanda, South Sudan, etc.  It’s got 16 deep-water berths and two oil terminals. It is linked to the rest of the country via road, road and air routes. It is well-equipped to handle conventional cargo as well as container terminal operations.

Malindi (KEMYD):

Malindi is a small port and is mostly used for fishing and handling tourist traffic. The Kenyan Port Authority is developing its pier to help the fishing industry and facilitate tourist traffic. The jetty for fish landing can handle 1250 MT every year. Some 2500 sqm of land will be acquired to develop this port and build offices, fish storage, and allied facilities.


Lamu is an up and coming port project included in the Kenya Vision 2030 project. It envisages the development of a world-class portable to handle large vessels, an international airport, and raid and road links that stretch deep into Kenya and neighboring countries. Its 10 km long coastline has the capacity for 23 berths. After completion, it is expected that the port will handle 23.9 million tons of cargo traffic annually.

How much is the shipping cost from China to Kenya?

The shipping cost from China to Kenya includes the carrier charges which is also called ocean freight that the shipping company will quote you. Besides this, there will be other charges that you will pay like terminal handling charges, customs clearance, port fees, documentation, delivery fees, etc. Usually, all these charges are clubbed together and presented to the buyer. If you want, they can also give you the breakdown of each charge. It is better to discuss all the charges in advance, so there is no confusion and no hidden charges appear at the eleventh hour. The price that does not include logistics is called FOB (freight on board) while the one that includes transportation is called CNF (cost and freight) or CIF where I stand for Insurance. The actual cost depends on the size of your cargo, weight, and other factors like the nature of the goods, the timing of shipment, speed of the vessel, etc.

Cost Of Shipping 20ft & 40ft Container From China To Kenya

Shipping agent companies from China to Kenya

There are plenty of shipping companies in China that operate between these two countries. Some of the popular ones are listed below;

MSC Cargo International

China Ocean Shipping Cargo (Group) Co., LTD (COSCO)

China Shipping Group

China Shipping Container Lines

Nan Fung Group

China Merchants Energy Shipping

Sinotrans shipping

Orient Overseas Container Lines

The China Navigation Company

China Shipping Development, etc.

Documents for Sea shipment:

Once your shipment is on board you will need the following documents in the original form for customs clearance at Kenyan port.

Certificate of conformity (COC)

Import declaration form (IDF)

Commercial invoice

Packing list

Bill of lading

Import license

Insurance Policy

Shipping port from China to Kenya

Why choose Basenton Logistics?

Pickup and delivery:

We will pick the cargo from your given address and transport it to the port of your choice for its onward shipment. We can pick from any factory or warehouse situated in China and deliver to the nearest port or where you instruct us to deliver the goods.

Free warehouse and distribution:

We also provide the facility of free warehousing for as long as the goods are not boarded on the shipping vessel. Sometimes the buyer has to consolidate 2-3 shipments. We can keep your goods at our warehouse and then load them for shipment.

Container loading supervision service:

Often the loaders at the port are not careful while loading cartons in the container. This results in damage and breakage to the goods. We make sure that the goods are loaded with utmost care. Our supervision ensures there is no mishandling of the goods.

Cargo insurance:

We can also ensure your goods against unforeseen risks, thefts, damage, etc. You will have to pay a nominal premium to the insurance company and your goods will get some much-needed security.

Custom clearance:

Custom clearance is another stage of import that we can help you with. We will prepare the documents and show them to Chinese customs for the speedy clearance of goods. Sometimes the shipment can get delayed due to customs. Our agent will get through the process quickly.


COC or certificate of conformity is required by the Kenyan authorities for allowing the entry of goods in Kenya. It is issued by the Chinese supplier. We can coordinate with the Chinse supplier to get it issued without any hassle and you get clearance from Kenyan customs in no time.

Competitive freight:

Freight forwarding is a very competitive industry. We at Basenton Logistics understand that thoroughly and always give our customers our lowest best quotes. Our profit margins are very reasonable and we believe in giving the best services so that our customers return to us again and again.

Professional documentation:

Our staff will assist you in preparing and getting all the shipping documents that are required by law. This includes all the documents that the customs will ask for in Kenya. We can get them ready from the supplier and/or the Chinese customs authorities.

Shipping from China to Kenya, Basenton Logistics is more than a freight forwarding company. We provide personalized services to our valued clients. We believe in quality services at a very affordable price. If you compare the level of our services with our price you can declare us the cheapest company in the industry. Our staff is courteous, friendly and very professional. They know their job very well and provide you a tailor-made solution for your problems. At Basenton, we are with you every step of the way. You can count on us for delivery, reliability, and overall great experience.

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