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Critical Time Cutoff for International Shipping

Three key international shipping deadlines that are important to customs brokers and merchants.

In the process of international shipping, we will encounter various proper nouns, some of which can be confusing, but there are three key time-points that are very important to customs brokers and enterprises, so let’s see what time-points are.

1.cut off

Customs cut-off refers to the cut-off time for customs to accept customs declaration and release information. English is Closingtime. This deadline is very important because the declarant must complete the release of the goods by the deadline and hand over the customs release to the shipping company. Customs releases are also known as site receipts and delivery papers. After the deadline, if the release slip is not delivered and the cargo cannot be loaded onto the vessel, it will be delayed to the next vessel and there may be a backlog at the terminal, incurring night charges. Therefore, for companies undertaking international shipping, each shipment needs to pay special attention to the deadlines.

2. Cut off orders

This time deadline is the time when the international shipping company finally changes the content of the bill of lading, that is, the deadline for submitting changes to the bill of lading materials. After that, changes cannot be made free of charge. There are also many companies that opt ​​for single-use supplements. After this way, any changes will be charged. Deadlines are also implemented according to the standards of each company. Some are on the day of sailing, and some are within a week of sailing, and there is no fixed standard.

3. Cut off port

Port cutting, also known as load time, refers to the time when the terminal is closed. Before that, the container with the goods installed can enter the terminal or warehouse, but if it cannot enter the terminal at this time, so in the case of international shipping, the goods must be installed to the terminal before the deadline of this time.

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