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Customs Clearance Process for Shipping from China to Thailand

Thailand implements a free economic policy and has experienced rapid economic growth in recent years. It has become one of the “Four Tigers of Asia” and one of the world’s emerging industrial countries and emerging market economies. The main economic development is mainly manufacturing, agriculture, and tourism. Thailand is the only net food exporter in Asia and one of the world’s top five agricultural exporters. So how long does the shipping from China to Thailand take? Let’s follow Basenton to understand.

shipping from China to Thailand

The main ports in Thailand are Bangkok, Laem Chabang, lat Prabang, etc. Taking Bangkok Port as an example, the shipping time from China to Thailand is generally 4-8 days.

Customs clearance process for shipping from China to Thailand:

1. Submit the import declaration form or submit it through EDI

2. Prepare accompanying documents and documents

According to the announcement of the custom issued by Thailand, the following documents are required for import:

1) Sea or air waybill;

2) 3 copies of the invoice;

3) Packing list;

4) Insured invoice;

5) Release form;

6) Foreign exchange transaction declaration form (required when the import amount exceeds 500,000 baht);

7) Import license;

8) Certificate of origin and other documents, such as catalogs, product specifications, etc.

3. Examination

After the customs declaration form and accompanying, documents are submitted to the customs at the Thai port of entry, the Thai customs will review whether the declaration form is filled in compliance with the specifications, whether the accompanying documents are complete, what tax rate is applicable, and conduct a valuation.

4. Pay taxes

Thailand has four ways to pay import duties and import taxes:

1) The importer pays taxes on-site at the customs finance department at the Thai port of entry. After receiving the payment, the Thai Customs will issue a receipt (this receipt needs to be presented during the inspection or release of the goods).

2) Electronic transfer through the “BAHTNET system” of the National Bank of Thailand.

3) Pay electronically through the “Teller Payment System” of Thai Capital Bank.

4) Electronic transfer via EDI.

5. Inspection and release

This is the last link in Thailand’s import of goods. The importer submits the approved customs declaration form and tax payment receipt in the warehouse where the goods are stored, and the Thai customs inspectors check the goods according to the information in the customs declaration form. If the goods are consistent, the Thai customs inspectors will input the inspection results into the computer system, and the goods will be released before the importer can pick up the goods.

shipping from China to Thailand

Regarding the question of “how much time and cost does it take to shipping from China to Thailand“, the above content has been explained in detail for you, and I hope it can help you.

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