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DHL Shipping Price from China to Saudi Arabia

You will inevitably wonder what the price of shipping per kilo in DHL when shipping goods by DHL, as calculating costs is necessary when planning to import or send goods.

So we must help you reach DHL international shipping rates or provide an effective way to calculate the cost and other important details such as how to receive the shipment from the company, how to track the shipment and the items that are prohibited from shipping with DHL, so read on.

Shipping price per kilo in DHL

The official website of DHL provides the DHL EasyShop service, which is a calculator through which you can know the price of shipping a kilo in DHL according to shipping rates, duties and customs taxes, you must consider entering shipment data correctly to obtain more accurate prices by following the following steps:

  1. Enter the DHL shipping rate calculator link “here“.
  2. Fill in the destination and dispatch location information as shown in the picture.
  3. Enter shipment data such as weight and quantitative volume measurements.
  4. Select the weight of the parcel 1 kg and then press Calculate.
  5. The price of shipping per kilo in DHL will be calculated in addition to the cost of taxes, customs and fees.

Note: The weight of the goods you can ship with DHL is a minimum of 2 kg.

DHL International Shipping Rates

Shipping From China to Saudi Arabia

Generally, it is not possible to provide a fixed list of DHL international shipping rates in order to rely on them in calculating the shipping cost of any goods, as determining DHL shipping rates depends on several factors such as:

  • Volume, weight and type of goods.
  • The distance between the cargo departure area and its arrival area.
  • Constant currency rate change.
  • Type of box or packaging of goods.

However, we mentioned an effective way to know the approximate cost of shipping your goods internationally, which is to use the DHL EasyShop service calculator, you must know very well that according to this service, the approximate shipping cost is calculated by choosing the largest weight between the actual weight of the goods or the volumetric weight.

Shipping rates from China to Saudi Arabia DHL


Shipping rates from China to Saudi Arabia depending on the size and weight of your shipment, the shipping method you choose, and any special requirements you have. DHL offers a range of discounts and promotions that can help reduce shipping costs.

The cost of air freight depends on the value of the heaviest weight between the gross weight and the volumetric weight, as the average price of air freight from China to Saudi Arabia is approximately $ 8 to $ 11.

If you are an international merchant in the Arab world or in Saudi Arabia and want to ship from China, you must take into account the services of the Basenton Shipping Company as it specializes in the Chinese market, all you have to do is click here to ship from China to Saudi Arabia or from China to any country in the Arab world safely, quickly and enjoy peace of mind.

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DHL shipping rates from Saudi Arabia to Egypt

Many are looking for DHL shipping rates from Australia to Egypt and are hoping to get a price list, but it’s not that simple.

We have already mentioned that the price of shipping a kilo in DHL is determined based on several factors in the previous axis, so if you want to send goods from Saudi Arabia to Egypt and want to know the approximate price of shipping, including customs duties and taxes, be familiar with the shipment information on which the shipping price is determined, such as: weight and size of goods, currency rate, type of box or product packaging, distance between the receiving and delivery location.

Then go to the DHL EasyShop service page to use the calculator and enter your data accurately, the calculator will tell you the approximate price for delivering your shipment from Saudi Arabia to Egypt according to the data you entered.

This way you can find out the shipping rates of DHL from Saudi Arabia to Egypt for each shipment according to its data.

Shipping price from Saudi Arabia to Turkey DHL

Again, refer to the location calculator, you will learn about the price of shipping a kilo in DHL, which is the best way to know the shipping price from Saudi Arabia to Turkey DHL, as prices change daily with the change in the time in which they are shipped, for example, shipping prices on holidays, seasons and holidays are not the same on normal days, as well as according to the factors determining the shipping price – mentioned in the axis of international shipping rates -.

Track shipment in Saudi Arabia with DHL

Your goods can be tracked with DHL through the DHL parcel tracking feature on the company’s website by following these steps:

  • Enter the DHL shipment tracking link “here“.
  • Enter the tracking number of the DHL shipment as in the image below.
  • After sending the tracking number, tap Track.
  • The status of the shipment will appear at the moment, along with a detailed report on its route and the time required for the shipment to reach your destination.

How to receive the shipment from DHL

DHL delivers your shipment to the delivery address, and if the address is in a remote area, the recipient may need to pick up his shipment from the closest possible point to the company’s service address. DHL also provides several services in terms of receipt, including:

  • With DHL, you can change the date of receipt through the on-demand shipping service.
  • You can authorize the company to deliver your shipment to another address, such as a customer’s address, but this service will increase the delivery time.
  • You are also allowed to authorize the company to deliver the goods without your signature, or to deliver to one of your partners if you are not present.

Items Prohibited from Shipping with DHL

Shipping From China to Saudi Arabia

Like any shipping company, DHL prohibits the shipment of certain products in line with international laws, where products prohibited from shipping are subject to confiscation or are returned to the merchant.

DHL refuses to ship:

  • Minerals & Gemstones
  • Gold bars
  • platinum
  • Jewelry & Silver
  • Rare coins
  • Types of flowers, plants and trees
  • Meat & Fish
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Unlicensed drugs and medicines
  • Perishable products (e.g. fish, meat, cheese, plants…)
  • Gambling purposes
  • Sharp objects
  • Human remains
  • Weapons and ammunition of all kinds
  • Toxic, explosive or flammable products
  • Religious books
  • Regular and electronic cigarettes
  • Lithium batteries
  • Electronic products including lithium batteries
  • Radio transmitters and cordless phones not approved in the importing country.
  • Articles contrary to Islamic law
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