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Documentation and Customs Clearance Process for Importing from China to Jordan

Shipping from China to Jordan;

Shipping is the backbone of international trade, and your mastery and understanding of the international shipping process will contribute to your superiority in the import and export activity, and the success of the commercial activity, in the following lines we explain the procedures necessary for shipping from China to Jordan, starting from the conditions and requirements for import, shipping, and clearing your goods customs, until they reach the door of your warehouse, so follow us…

Conditions and requirements for importing from China to Jordan

Shipping From China to Jordan

In the event that you adopt China as a source for importing your goods to Jordan, this import process will require you to follow several steps, which we can specify as follows:

1- Select the goods you want to import:

You have to form a complete perception of the goods you want to import, their specifications, and the raw materials involved in their manufacture, then know their expected price, market demand for those goods, and the appropriate selling price to achieve the desired profit.

2- Know the prices of goods in the local market:

After you have seen the specifications of the goods you want to import and their price, search for them in the local market, compare their local price with the cost of importing them from China, including shipping, customs, transportation, and every cost you will incur in order to import the goods into your warehouse and choose the least expensive option.

3- Abide by customs procedures and laws:

If you are a beginner and are not familiar with customs laws, customs clearance companies help you identify the customs data and tariff for each product you want to import, determine the documents and papers required for the shipping process, and these companies help you ship your goods and deliver them to their final destination.

4- Determine how to sell and distribute your product:

One of the most important steps of the import process is to determine in your mind the mechanism you want to follow to market your product, distribute it to merchants and sell it to consumers, and know the best place to store your imported products.

5- Select the capital of your project:

Importing from China requires a rather large capital, and remember that importing is not profitable if not continuous, meaning that you cannot make rewarding gains from importing just one container, but you have to continue importing larger quantities than one container, perhaps exceeding 5-6 containers to achieve the desired profits.

6- Be aware of the advantages and risks of importing from China:

Every import process has advantages and risks, as well as when China is the country of origin, and a comprehensive detailed study of the aspects of the import process is what makes you gain these advantages, and avoid the risks that may encounter you.

Documents required to import from China to Jordan

Shipping from China to Jordan

When importing from China to Jordan, you need to review the documents specified by the Jordanian customs and must be attached to the import file, namely:

1- Bill of lading for goods imported by sea through the port of Aqaba.

2. Air waybill for goods imported by air, or carrier certificate for goods imported by land.

3- An invoice that includes the number and quantity of imported goods, their nature, weight, value, and the names of customers and suppliers in China.

4- Certificate of origin for products imported from China to Jordan.

5- A document acknowledging the shipping value in case it exceeds 2,000 Jordanian dinars.

6- Exit permits for shipments stored from free zones.

Customs clearance procedures in Jordan

China Freight Forwarder

The customs clearance process can be determined in a set of steps, which often takes about 5-7 working days in the absence of problems or irregularities, and the steps include:

1- The arrival of the container or container carrier to the port and then unloaded.

2. The customs broker shall withdraw the delivery permit from the shipping agent.

3- The customs broker shall submit the customs value declaration form based on the invoices submitted.

4. The customs authorities shall send a representative to inspect and value the product.

5. The customs authorities shall send a representative to take a sample from the customs and send it to the bidder, in case the commodity needs the approval of the bidders.

6. The broker shall pay the customs tax and supply expenses, if any.

7- The customs broker contracts with an internal transport company, then the shipment is carried to pass through the detection rays, and then exits the port.

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