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Documents required for Customs Clearance When Importing from China to Bahrain

Shipping from China to Bahrain is a vital part of the business that many are looking forward to understanding and knowing its secrets. Bahrain, which has lit up the sky of global trade as a shining star in recent years, thanks to the great vitality of its trade flow and the growing strength of its economy. In 2022, Bahraini imports from China amounted to US$2.25 billion, indicating a strong appetite for Chinese products.

Bahrain’s trading companies stand in front of a golden opportunity to meet this huge demand for Chinese products, but they face multiple challenges. Importing from China to Bahrain can be a complex process, from customs clearance to ensuring compliance with standards and product quality. This guide aims to provide tips and guidance that help simplify and make the process of “shipping from China to Bahrain” more efficient.


Products imported by Bahrain from China

  • Electrical and electronic devices worth $ 509 million.
  • Machinery, nuclear reactors and boilers worth $368.92 million.
  • Mineral fuels, oils and distillation products worth $162.85 million.
  • Inorganic chemicals, precious metal compounds and isotopes worth $144.03 million.
  • Vehicles other than railways and trams worth $130.29 million.
  • Iron or steel products worth $85.97 million.
  • Plastic products worth $81.80 million.
  • Furniture, lighting, signage and prefabricated buildings worth $77.07 million.

Customs clearance in Bahrain: conditions, requirements and procedures

China is one of the largest suppliers of goods to the Middle East and North Africa, and Bahrain is one of the main importers of Chinese products.

Conditions of import from China to Bahrain

Anyone registered with the Bahrain Tax Authority can start their work and participate in international trade. To start the process of commercial import from China to Bahrain, you need to consider the following points:

  1. Ensure that the product to be shipped is not on the list of prohibited items in Bahrain before shipping.
  2. As an importer, you must ensure the authenticity of all documents related to the import to facilitate customs clearance of goods.

Documents required for customs clearance in Bahrain

Here are the documents that must accompany the shipment when it enters the port of destination:

  1. Commercial invoice.
  2. Shipment labels.
  3. Tax documents.
  4. Bill of lading.
  5. Packing list.
  6. Certificate of origin.
Documents required for Customs Clearance When Importing from China to Bahrain

Customs procedures when importing from China to Bahrain

Before importing goods into Bahrain, importers or their local agents must complete a customs declaration. It is preferable to use an authorized clearance agent to ensure the speed and efficiency of procedures.

To complete the import process, the following documents must be submitted:

  • Import customs declaration form.
  • Delivery order from the shipping agent to the importer (with a valid commercial registration).
  • Three copies of the original invoices from the seller to the buyer.
  • Two copies of the packing list that includes weights, packaging, and cargo classification for each item in the shipment.
  • Original certificate of origin from the relevant chambers of commerce in the country of origin.
  • A copy of the insurance policy.
  • Original bill of lading.
  • Import permission / approval from the concerned authority for the import of restricted goods.
  • Bank advice/guarantee (if applicable).
  • A statistical statement if the final destination of the goods is within the Gulf countries.

Customs clearance procedures in Bahrain

After submitting the customs declaration form using the eCAS customs clearance system, the customs clearance procedures are as follows:

  1. Payment of duties and fees due at the exchange office at customs where the goods will be processed.
  2. Submit all required documents to the customs clearance officer at the customs point.
  3. Pay the cargo handling fees and schedule the transport of the goods at the port operator’s office.
  4. The port operator will transport the container to the relevant checkpoint.
  5. Customs will assess the risks associated with the goods and inspection may be carried out accordingly.
  6. The goods will be processed and will be allowed to leave the customs point.

Important Note

For foodstuffs, Bahrain’s customs regulations require importers to provide a certificate from the manufacturer stating that the goods do not contain cyclamate. All products of Arab origin imported under the Agreement on Facilitation and Trade Exchange between Arab States are interchangeably exempt from customs duties upon presentation of the recognized certificate of origin. However, all types of tobacco, cigarettes and alcoholic beverages are excluded from this exemption. Imported and exported goods are classified according to the International Standard Classification of Trade (SITC), version 3. The process will be completed in about one to two weeks.

This article covers several topics related to shipping and importing from China to Bahrain. The article introduces the types of goods Bahrain imports from China, as well as the relevant conditions and procedures for customs clearance in Bahrain.

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