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FCL Sea Freight from China to Dubai Shipping

What are the Sea freight from China to Dubai? What is the shipping service of FCL, LCL, and door-to-door transportation that many people often talk about?

FCL Sea freight from China to Dubai shipping:

1. FCL by sea means that the exported goods are enough for one container, and the container contains the goods of one consignor. The FCL is generally divided into 20GP/40GP/40HQ.

2. The whole container of goods is the goods that the consignor is responsible for packing, counting, filling in the shipping note, and sealed by the customs.

Sea freight from China to Dubai

3. The unpacking of the whole box of goods is generally handled by the consignee, or the carrier can be entrusted to unpack the box at the freight station, but the carrier is not responsible for the damage or difference of the goods in the box, unless the shipper proves it. 

4. It is the carrier’s responsibility The carrier shall be responsible for compensation for the damage caused by the accident.

5. As long as the container is similar in appearance to the container and the seal is complete, the carrier has completed the transportation task.

Sea freight from China to Dubai

LCL by sea means that after the carrier (or agent) accepts the small-ticket freight consigned by the consignor whose quantity is less than the whole container, it is classified according to the nature of the goods and the destination. Consolidate the goods to the same destination into a certain number and pack them into boxes.

Sea freight from China to Dubai

Ocean freight from China to Dubai:

“Door to door” in international trade refers to the container loaded by the shipper. After its warehouse or factory is checked and accepted by the carrier, it is responsible for the whole process of transportation, from export declaration, shipment (air or sea) to The buyer’s country imports customs declaration, pays taxes, and picks up the goods from the customs supervision warehouse until the consignee’s warehouse or factory warehouse delivers the box. This kind of full-line transportation is called “door-to-door” transportation.

Sea freight from China to Dubai

The above transportation methods can help you to transport the goods from China back to Dubai. As for the choice of transportation method, you need to follow up the quantity of your goods and what product to determine the transportation method.

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