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From China to Jeddah Port by Sea or Air

Shipping from China to Jeddah Port:

Jeddah is located in the middle of the west coast of Saudi Arabia, on the eastern side of the Red Sea (RED SEA), and is the largest container port in Saudi Arabia.

Shipping from China to Jeddah Port

Shipping from China to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia:

Jeddah Port is the sea access gateway to the holy city of Mecca, about 70km apart. It flourished as a distribution port for pilgrims as early as the 17th century. It is now the financial and commercial center of the country. Outside the port, it is 209 nautical miles to Yanbu Port in the north, 628 nautical miles to Suez Port, and 602 nautical miles to the Mande Strait in the south.

The port stretches from the north to the south along the coast in a rectangular shape, and there are middle jetties extending from the east bank facing each other and the Daoyu breakwater to enclose the port into a port pool, and there is a middle jetty extending from the east bank facing the entrance, which is divided into north and south port pools. Its top is the No. 2 berth, which is used for passengers to get on and off. Nangang Pool is the main port area, along with 28 berths with a water depth of 11-12 meters. Berths 7-9 are used for grains and berths 18-19 are used for bulk cement.

Air Freight from China to Saudi Arabia:

Shipping from China to Jeddah Port

Jeddah Airport is one of the largest international airports in the world, with daily scheduled flights to all parts of the world. There are roads leading to the urban area and extending eastward to important towns such as Mecca, Taif and Riyadh. There are modern railways and highways leading to the coast, and there are air lines and highways connecting domestic and foreign countries.

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