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From China to Jizan Port by Sea or Air

Shipping from China to Jizan:

Jazan, Port Nature: Seaport. Latitude and longitude: 16°54′N, 042°30′E. Located on the southwest coast of Saudi Arabia, east of the Ferazan Islands, and on the southeast side of the Red Sea, it is one of the main ports in the west of Saudi Arabia.

Shipping from China to Jazan by Sea

Shipping from China to Jazan, Saudi Arabia:​

The port has a tropical monsoon climate with southerly winds prevailing. The port has loading and unloading equipment including various shore cranes, portable cranes, multi-purpose cranes, floating cranes, tower cranes, conveyor belts, forklifts, tugboats and ro-ro facilities, among which floating cranes have a maximum lifting capacity of 200 tons.

Air Freight from China to Jazan, Saudi Arabia:

The north is about 390n miles from Jeddah Port. The port is about 3km away from the airport, and there are regular domestic flights.


Air Freight from China to Jazan

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