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Guide to Bulk Importing Mobile Phone Accessories from China

The attractiveness of the project to import wholesale mobile accessories from China lies in the increase in the use of mobile phones in recent years, and the growth of its market, which may not stop at all, and the market for mobile phones and accessories will grow with it. Studies have shown that during 2018, the value of this market globally reached about $ 224 billion, some experts confirm that by 2026, it will be worth $ 284 billion and even more!!

Moreover, in China you will find many types of accessories at very low prices and you will reap a lot of profits.

Therefore, in this article, we will talk about how to import wholesale mobile accessories from China, and how to ensure your profit from this project, God willing, and avoid losing your money.

The most important steps before importing wholesale mobile accessories from China

First: Deep Market Study

Before starting to import wholesale mobile accessories from China, we should study the market through 4 main points:

  • Identify current and prospective customers, determine their geographical distribution, and understand their consumption behavior. (What types of phones do they use, what mobile accessories are they looking for, what are their preferences for models, where is the demand for mobile accessories a lot).
  • Determine the market need for accessories and study the size and demand for them in order to determine the quantity you want to import.
  • Analysis and study of competitors; in order to identify and match their strengths, weaknesses and exploitation, in other words, you have to study competitors to know what will distinguish them from them, and what will attract customers to you.
  • An economic feasibility study for the project of importing wholesale mobile accessories from China from both sides (technical and financial) to identify the profitability of the project and the degree of risk.

Second: Set the maximum price at which you can safely import

What is meant by the maximum limit is the upper limit for the price of the piece or quantity that you cannot exceed when importing wholesale mobile accessories from China in order to ensure the profit margin and not risk the profitability of the project.

In order to determine the maximum price that enables you to import safely, you must keep in mind the following:

  • Knowing the price of mobile accessories in the local market: to determine the price at which you can sell.
  • Know how you will sell retail or wholesale? The price varies between the two situations.
  • Learn about shipping costs and customs tariffs.
  • Learn about other costs (marketing costs, advertising, etc.).

After identifying all these factors, you are fully capable of setting a price cap at which you can import safely, and not lose.

Third: Prepare a marketing, sales and distribution plan

It is an important step that you must take before importing wholesale mobile accessories from China; in order to ensure the discharge of products and the entry of competition in the market, and the preparation of the marketing plan also helps you manage the sales process, and create your own brand.

How to develop a marketing plan for mobile accessories?

  1. Set marketing goals that may be to increase brand awareness, increase sales, or enter the market.
  2. Determine the nature of the sale of accessories (retail or wholesale)
  3. Identify the channels of selling and distributing mobile accessories and current and potential customers.
  4. Setting a marketing budget, i.e. allocating a certain amount to market these accessories.
  5. Identify competitors who sell mobile accessories in the market and identify their marketing plans.

Fourth: Learn about shipping and customs clearance requirements (the most important steps before importing wholesale mobile accessories from China)

Shipping and customs clearance requirements are among the most important steps that must be taken into account before importing wholesale mobile accessories from China to avoid the risk of customs confiscation of goods or exposure to financial fines.

Among the most important documents you need when importing wholesale mobile accessories from China:

  • Commercial invoice.
  • Packing list.
  • Certificate of origin.
  • Quality certificate.
  • Bill of lading.
  • Import license.
  • Insurance policy.
  • Customs declaration

They are the identification documents you need in order to get the goods out of China, and we advise you to hire a shipping agent, as it helps to facilitate the shipping process without problems.

As for customs in your country, in addition to the required certificates above, it should be noted that customs requirements vary from country to country, (such as packaging conditions, packaging conditions or required papers), and you can identify them by consulting a customs clearance office, looking at government trade websites, or even asking merchants who have experience in importing wholesale mobile accessories from China.

Fifth: Define your products and specifications accurately and carefully

After identifying the profitable product of mobile accessories and learning about the previous steps, you must now determine the specifications of the accessories accurately: and prepare your product sheet that accurately describes the product (item – quality – color – size – quantity).

Accurately describing the details of the product you need helps you:

  • Ensure that the required quality and specifications are obtained accurately.
  • Demonstrate your professionalism, and ensure that you are not exploited by suppliers; by selling you items that they have the right to sell,
  • Accurate identification of the price of the product due to the accurate specification of suppliers.

How to import wholesale mobile accessories from China

You have two ways to import from China:

1. Import from China via the Internet (online)

Just as you can buy some of your needs by ordering from Amazon, you can also order from China and have the goods delivered to your country,

Of course, the import mechanism differs from the demand from a retail e-commerce platform, but you can, like hundreds of thousands of traders and importers around the world, import via the Internet, and among the most important sites for importing via the Internet are the following:

  1. The famous Alibaba website, and you can learn how to import from Alibaba website by clicking on the link.
  2. Made in China website, you can learn how to buy from Made in China.

2. Travel to China for import (offline)

The second and traditional way is to travel yourself to import wholesale mobile accessories from China, in this way you will need to specify your destination in China, to which of the Chinese cities you will go to import mobile accessories,

The best thing about China’s markets is regulation, as each city or region specializes in industrial and trade a specific type of product, so let’s take a look at the most important mobile accessories markets in China.

  • SEG Communication Market

This market includes 3 huge commercial blocks, combined together, to form a very large market that contains all the mobile phone accessories you can think of, you find in the market everything you can think of in terms of mobile phones – such as protective screens, protective covers and all phone accessories.

Address: 1034 Hua Qiang Bei Lu, FuTian, ShenZhen, GuangDong

  • Longsheng Mobile Phone Accessories City

Longjing Market is the largest market for mobile phone and accessories accessories in Huak Yang Bay, it has many offices and points of sale, and is characterized by speed in fulfilling your requests.

Address: Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, 518031

  • Pacific Security Communications Market

The Pacific security communications market was originally a professional market for trading security communications products, but now it is a market for mobile phone accessories and accessories. The market has 7 floors, selling mobile phone accessories.

Address: FuTian, Shen Zhen, GuangDong 518000

Tips when starting to import wholesale mobile accessories from China

First: Learn how to choose reliable suppliers

The question now is how do you guarantee your supplier? And you know that it is a reliable and non-fraudulent supplier?

  • Ask for certificates and license from the supplier.
  • Ask to go visit the factory to make sure that the factory really exists or at least delude him that you intend to.
  • Asking if you can customize products with your own specific specifications, a trusted supplier will be able to do this.
  • Sample ordering, which is the best proof of the supplier’s sincerity.
  • Ask about the supplier through commercial service companies’ they have a database of suppliers.
  • Check the information you may find on the Internet, and look for customers who deal with the supplier.

Second: Choose the shipping terms carefully (Incoterms)

The shipping terms provided vary from one supplier to another, so you should know well the shipping terms (Incoterms), choose the most appropriate terms for you and negotiate them with suppliers, as the appropriate shipping condition is one of the most important criteria for choosing the best supplier.

The 15 Most Common Terms For International Shipping

Third: Study the appropriate shipping method in your case

There are two ways to ship from China:

  • Air freight: It is a fast means of transportation of goods, but it is very expensive.
  • Sea freight: It is a cheaper method than air freight, but it takes a long time until the goods arrive in your warehouses.

Choose the appropriate shipping method in your case commensurate with your budget and the time when you need the goods, for example, you can request air freight if you want the goods to arrive quickly and the goods are expensive and sensitive.

Fourth: Adhere to the rules of safe payment to avoid problems

In general, you can pay money safely in one of the following ways:

  • Transfer to the company’s official account and verify it in case you are going to pay through banks.
  • Transfer funds through commercial services companies, which replace the intermediary or through the source agent.
  • Transfer via PayPal or even ALIBABA, they allow you to get a refund if you get scammed.

All this is due to your agreement with the supplier about how and how to transfer money.

Post-import tips for wholesale mobile accessories from China

Now that the mobile accessories have arrived in your warehouse and the import process has been completed safely, you must do the following:

  • Keep the data of suppliers, companies and all parties you have dealt with for easy finding them in the coming times.
  • Apply your marketing plan, and adjust it to suit changes and curves in the market.
  • Evaluate the import process, of the pros and cons in order to build experience for the next times.
  • A type of distribution and sales channel, and stay fully informed about the market and its variables.
  • Learn new methods in selling and promoting products (such as building an online store – providing distinctive ads) to remain on the throne of the market.
  • Prepare yourself and be ready to do the import again.

The bottom line

The mobile accessories market in China is very huge; you can find many varieties and types, with the quality you want and good prices.

Don’t think that importing wholesale mobile accessories from China is a difficult task; quite the opposite, but you need to analyze deeply in your market, then determine the really profitable item, and then choose the best supplier for you.

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