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How to Import and Ship Dangerous Goods from China

As China’s position in the global economy becomes increasingly important, importing and shipping dangerous goods from China has become an indispensable part of many international companies. However, due to their unique dangerous characteristics, dangerous goods need to strictly comply with a series of regulations and standards during import and transportation.

This guide will introduce in detail the definition of dangerous goods, common classifications, import processes, shipping methods, packaging requirements, and why to choose a professional China freight forwarder to ensure the safety and compliance of transportation.

What are dangerous goods?

Dangerous goods refer to items that may cause harm to human health, safety, property and the environment during transportation, storage and use. Dangerous goods have the characteristics of being flammable, explosive, toxic, corrosive and radioactive, so special management and transportation measures are required. It should be noted that dangerous goods are not equivalent to hazardous chemicals, which are a subset of dangerous goods.

Shipping Dangerous Goods from China

Common classification and cargo of dangerous goods

Dangerous goods are divided into different categories according to their dangerous characteristics. The following are the nine major categories of dangerous goods recognized internationally:

  • Explosives: such as fireworks, dynamite, etc.
  • Gases: such as compressed gas, liquefied gas, dissolved gas, etc.
  • Flammable liquids: such as gasoline, alcohol, paint, etc.
  • Flammable solids: such as sulfur, phosphorus, magnesium powder, etc.
  • Oxidizers and organic peroxides: such as sodium nitrate, peracetic acid, etc.
  • Toxic items: such as arsenic, cyanide, etc.
  • Radioactive items: such as uranium, cobalt-60, etc.
  • Corrosive items: such as sulfuric acid, sodium hydroxide, etc.
  • Miscellaneous dangerous goods: such as magnetic materials, lithium batteries, etc.

Taking shipping from China to the United States as an example, the most commonly shipped dangerous goods include:

  • Chemicals: used in various industries such as pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and agriculture.
  • Batteries: lithium batteries, in particular, are classified as dangerous goods due to their flammability and reactivity.
  • Industrial raw materials: various flammable or corrosive substances used in the manufacturing process.
  • Medical supplies: including radioactive materials used in medical imaging and treatment.

How to import dangerous goods from China

Choose a suitable supplier
Choose a qualified and experienced supplier to ensure that the supplier has the relevant qualifications and certificates for the production and export of dangerous goods.

Understand the laws and regulations of the importing country
Each country has strict laws and regulations and requirements for the import of dangerous goods. Before importing, you need to understand the relevant regulations and requirements of the importing country in detail.

Prepare necessary documents
Detailed documents are required for importing dangerous goods, including but not limited to:

  • Commercial invoice
  • Packing list
  • Dangerous goods manual (MSDS)
  • Dangerous goods classification and marking
  • Import license

Shipping dangerous goods from China

Choose the Right Mode of Transport
The modes of transport for dangerous goods include sea, air and land transport. Choosing the right mode of transport requires considering the characteristics of the goods, the transport distance and the transport time.

Ensure that the packaging meets the standards
The packaging of dangerous goods needs to meet international and national standards, ensuring that the packaging is firm and safe, and has obvious dangerous goods signs and labels.

Prepare necessary transportation documents
Detailed transportation documents are required for transporting dangerous goods, including but not limited to:

  • Dangerous goods transportation documents
  • Dangerous goods declaration
  • Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
  • Transportation Permit
Shipping dangerous goods from China

Process of Shipping Dangerous Goods from China

Import Dangerous Goods Declaration: Import Dangerous Goods Declaration must be completed about 3 days before the ship arrives at the port, otherwise there will be a risk of fines or inability to unload the ship.

Prepare import customs clearance materials: including import declaration, contract, invoice, packing list, Chinese GHS label for dangerous goods, UN stamp, MSDS report, etc.

Pay customs duties and value-added tax: After the customs clearance agency issues the tax bill, the company needs to pay the tax on its own or entrust the customs clearance agency to pay on its behalf.
Customs clearance or inspection: If inspection is required, the customs clearance company will arrange the inspection.
Arrange transportation: After release, the fleet will pick up the goods from the customs-supervised warehouse and deliver them to the destination.

What are the ways to ship dangerous goods from China?

Dangerous goods can be shipped by the following methods:

  • Air freight: Due to its speed and safety, it is very suitable for urgent and high-value cargo transportation.
  • Ocean freight: Due to its cost-effectiveness and capacity, it is suitable for larger quantities and less time-sensitive cargo transportation.

Packaging and Documentation Requirements for Dangerous Goods Shipping from China

Essential Documentation for Dangerous Goods Transport

Appropriate documentation is essential for the safe and compliant transport of dangerous goods. Essential documents include:

  • Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS): Provides detailed information on chemical properties, hazards, and handling precautions.
  • Dangerous Goods Declaration (DGD): Proves that the goods comply with all relevant regulations.
  • Shipping Documents: Includes bill of lading, packing list, and commercial invoice.
  • Emergency Response Information: Details what to do in an emergency.

Proper Packaging Techniques and Requirements

Proper packaging of dangerous goods is essential to prevent leaks, spills, and other accidents. Key requirements include:

  • UN-approved packaging: Packaging must meet UN standards for strength and durability.
  • Labels and Markings: Appropriate labeling and marking to indicate the hazard type, UN number, and handling instructions.
  • Inner and Outer Packaging: Use suitable inner containers and secure them inside a strong outer container.
  • Absorbent Materials: Include absorbent materials to handle potential leaks.

How To Ship Dangerous Goods From China To Your Country

  • Choose the appropriate transportation method: Choose the appropriate transportation method, such as sea transportation, air transportation or land transportation, based on factors such as the quantity, volume and transportation time of the goods.
  • Arrange transportation and insurance: Negotiate with Chinese suppliers to arrange transportation and insurance of goods.
  • Track the status of goods: Through the tracking system of China Freight Forwarding Company, you can know the transportation status of goods in real time.
  • Customs clearance and delivery: After the goods arrive at the destination country, customs clearance and delivery procedures must be carried out in accordance with local customs regulations.

Choose the appropriate shipping method (such as sea shipping, air shipping, etc.) to ship Dangerous Goods from China to your country. When choosing a transportation company, you can consider its transportation experience, service quality, price and other factors. Shipping companies usually provide a series of services such as door-to-door pickup, packaging, customs clearance, transportation and door-to-door delivery to reduce your burden.

For shipping from China to your country, it is best to find a China freight forwarding company to serve you, Below is the shipping information about shipping from China to different countries. If you are interested, you can click on the link to read:

How To Ship Dangerous Goods From China To Your Country

Price Of Shipping Dangerous Goods From China

Estimating Dangerous Goods shipping costs requires considering a variety of factors. Size, weight, destination, shipping method, and additional services like insurance or expedited shipping all affect the final cost. It is crucial to get accurate shipping quotes from different carriers or shipping companies to compare prices and services.

In 2024, the sea freight from major ports in China (such as Shanghai and Tianjin) to the West Coast of the United States (such as Los Angeles) will be approximately US$100 to US$250/ton. For specific prices, please consult the Chinese freight forwarder Basenton Logistics.

As a rough estimate, shipping a 40-foot container from China to the U.S. West Coast costs between $2,500 and $4,000. For the U.S. East Coast, costs may increase by $3,000 to $4,500 due to longer shipping distances.

For more detailed information on the cost of shipping from China to the United States, please click on the link:

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If you are shipping not to the United States, but to Germany, France, Spain, Romania, Turkey, Hungary or other countries, and want to know the cost of shipping from China to the destination country, you can read the following post.

What are the cost factors for shipping dangerous goods?

The key cost factors for shipping dangerous goods include:

  • Shipping costs: the cost of air or sea freight.
  • Packaging: The cost of compliant packaging materials.
  • Documentation: The cost of preparing necessary documentation.
  • Insurance: The cost of insuring the goods.
  • Handling: The cost of loading, unloading, and handling the goods.

Why Choose Professional China Freight Forwarder Shipping Dangerous Goods

Professional Experience
Professional freight forwarding companies have rich experience in dangerous goods transportation and are familiar with relevant international and national regulations and requirements.

Full-process management
Freight forwarding companies can provide full-process management services, including packaging, storage, transportation, customs clearance, etc., to ensure that dangerous goods arrive at their destination safely and smoothly.

Reduce Risks
Professional freight forwarding companies can help reduce transportation risks, provide emergency plans and insurance services, and ensure the safety of goods.

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Importing and transporting dangerous goods requires special attention and strict management. By choosing qualified suppliers, understanding the laws and regulations of the importing country, preparing necessary documents, and choosing the right mode of transportation, you can ensure the safe and smooth import and transportation of dangerous goods. In addition, choosing a professional China freight forwarding company can provide full-process management services, reduce transportation risks, and ensure the safety of goods.

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