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Guide to Importing and Shipping Wind Turbines from China

Importing and shipping wind turbines from China is a complex process involving procurement, logistics, customs compliance and technical details. As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of wind turbines, China has many suppliers and advanced production technology, and has become an important source of wind power equipment for many countries.

This guide is designed to help you understand the key steps involved in importing and shipping wind turbines from China, as well as the important factors to consider during the process. Whether you are new to wind power or already experienced, these steps will ensure your import and shipping process goes smoothly.

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Importing and Shipping Wind Turbines from China

What is a wind turbine?

A wind turbine, referred to as a wind turbine, is a device that converts wind energy into mechanical energy and then into electrical energy. It is the core part of the wind power generation system and usually consists of main components such as tower, wind wheel (including blades and hub), generator, transmission system (such as gearbox), control system, and electrical system.

What are the components of a wind turbine?

  • Tower: A structure that supports the entire wind turbine, usually very tall to capture more wind energy.
  • Wind wheel: composed of blades and hub, is the main component for capturing wind energy. The design and materials of the blades have an important impact on the performance and life of the wind turbine.
  • Generator: A device that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy, usually an asynchronous generator or a doubly-fed asynchronous generator.
  • Transmission system: The part that connects the wind wheel and the generator, including gearboxes, etc., used to adjust the speed and transmit torque.
  • Control system: key components to ensure the safe and efficient operation of wind turbines, including sensors, controllers and actuators.
  • Electrical system: including cables, transformers, switch cabinets, etc., used to transmit the power generated by the generator to the grid.

Why import wind turbines from China?

Cost-effectiveness: China’s wind power industry has developed rapidly and formed a complete industrial chain. The scale effect makes production costs lower, thus improving the cost-effectiveness of the products.
Technical strength: Chinese wind turbine manufacturers have achieved remarkable results in technology research and development and innovation, and product performance and quality have been recognized by the international market.
Policy support: The Chinese government encourages the development of the wind power industry and provides a series of policy support and preferential measures to reduce the operating costs and market risks of enterprises.

How to import wind turbines from China?

Market research: Understand the situation of China’s wind turbine market and choose products and suppliers that suit your needs. Wind turbines with various parameters and number of blades can be purchased from China. One of the largest wind turbine production areas is Qingdao, Shandong Province. In addition to Qingdao, wind turbine manufacturing locations include: Hefei (Anhui), Guangzhou (Guangdong), Wuxi, and Nanjing (Jiangsu).

Contract Negotiation: Negotiate contracts with suppliers to clarify product specifications, prices, delivery dates and other terms.

International trade: Carry out trade activities in accordance with international trade practices and laws and regulations, such as signing contracts, paying for goods, handling import and export procedures, etc.

Logistics and transportation: Choose the appropriate logistics method to ensure that products are delivered to the destination safely and timely.

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How to Shipping wind turbines from China

To USA: Choose sea or air shipping and determine the appropriate shipping solution based on product size and quantity. At the same time, you need to understand the import policies and tariffs of the United States to ensure compliance operations.

Shipping From China to USA

To the EU: The EU has strict environmental protection and safety requirements for the import of wind turbines, so it is necessary to ensure that products comply with relevant standards and regulations. During transportation, you also need to pay attention to complying with EU trade policies and customs regulations.

How To Import And Ship Electronic Products From China To EU Countries

Tariffs are taxes imposed on international trade. When goods cross customs borders, they must be covered so they can be released to foreign markets. Customs rates determine the amount of duties based on factors such as the value of the goods and can be found in the tariff system TARIC.

For utility-scale wind turbines (onshore or offshore applications) with a generating capacity equal to or exceeding 1.00 MW, installed in steel wind towers and nacelles, with customs code 8502 31 00 85, the tariff rate is 2.7%. Explicit anti-dumping duties on wind towers: €0.192/original price. / 1 euro / natural current.

If you want to learn more about shipping from China to different European countries, you can click on the post below:

To Middle Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia and the UAE: These countries usually give strong support to wind power projects, so they can enjoy certain preferential policies during transportation. At the same time, due to the special climatic conditions in these areas, it is necessary to choose transportation methods that can adapt to high temperature, dry and other environments.

Shipping Wind Turbines from China

Cost Of Shipping wind turbines From China

Due to the dynamic nature of the logistics industry, providing accurate shipping costs can be challenging. Shipping costs may vary based on the previously mentioned factors as well as market demand and capacity.

As a rough estimate, shipping a 40-foot container from China to the U.S. West Coast costs between $2,500 and $4,000. For the U.S. East Coast, costs may increase by $3,000 to $4,500 due to longer shipping distances. Flat rack or open top containers are $2,000 to $3,000 more expensive than 40-foot containers

For more information on the cost of traveling from China to the United States, please follow the link:

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Please note that the above costs are only approximate estimates, and actual costs will be affected by a variety of factors, including market supply and demand, exchange rate fluctuations, transportation conditions, etc. Therefore, when planning to import and transport wind turbines from China, it is recommended to fully communicate and negotiate with relevant suppliers and Chinese freight forwarding company Basenton Logistics to obtain the most accurate and detailed cost information.

Importing and Shipping Wind Turbines from China

Importing and transporting wind turbines from China is a complex process involving multiple links and aspects. It requires a full understanding of market conditions, policies and regulations, and transportation conditions to ensure a smooth transaction and meet customer needs.

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