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Guide to Shipping Medical Devices from China to USA

Shipping medical devices from China to the US is a meticulous process that requires full consideration of regulatory compliance, logistical complexities, and safety standards. This comprehensive guide explains how Basenton can ship medical devices from China to your country.

Shipping from China to USA

What are the medical devices?

Medical devices are usually equipment used to diagnose, prevent, and treat diseases. It is generally used in medical places and some household equipment. What are the common medical devices?

  1. Home health care equipment
    Pain massage equipment, home health self-testing equipment, electronic thermometers, multi-functional treatment equipment, laser treatment equipment, blood glucose meters, diabetes treatment equipment, vision improvement equipment, sleep improvement equipment, oral hygiene products, home emergency treatment products .
  2. Health massage products
    Electric massage chair/bed, massage stick, massage hammer, massage pillow, massage cushion, massage belt, blood circulation machine, foot bath, foot massager, handheld massager, massage bathtub, fat removal belt, treatment instrument, foot massager Physical therapy instrument, slimming belt, car seat cushion, kneading mat, massage chair, breast enlargement device, beauty massager.
  3. Medical rehabilitation equipment
    Household cervical and lumbar traction devices, traction chairs, physiotherapy instruments, sleep instruments, massagers, functional chairs, functional beds, supports, medical inflatable air cushions, oxygen concentrators, medicine decoction devices, hearing aids, etc.
medical devices

Time and cost of shipping medical devices from China to USA by air and sea

Sea freight from China to USA
Sea freight is generally the more affordable option for shipping China to USA and is best suited for shipping larger and heavier cargo that is not time-sensitive. While it may take longer than air freight, sea freight is an economical and reliable means of transport, and it is ideal for companies looking to ship large volumes of goods. Additionally, because sea freight is less time-sensitive, it allows for more flexibility in terms of shipment tracking and delivery schedules.

Air freight from China to USA
Air freight, on the other hand, is a faster and more expensive alternative to sea freight. It is best suited for shipping time-sensitive goods that require faster delivery times, such as perishable goods, electronics, medical supplies, and high-value products . Air freight also offers more flexibility in terms of delivery locations, as air cargo can be transported to most major cities in the world.

Time and cost of shipping medical devices from China to USA by air and sea

Sea shipping cost:

Sea freight from China to USA are calculated based on the container size and the shipping route.

There are commonly two types of container sizes: a 20ft container or a 40ft container. The cost of transportation can vary depending on the carriers and shipping lines’ rates, which includes clearance and delivery of the cargo.

On average,  the cost of shipping 20ft  container from China to USA is  between $1,000 and $2,500  , while a cost of  shipping 40ft container from China to USA can range from $1,500 to $4,500.

The delivery takes longer than air transportation, around 18 to 45 days from China to the USA, depending on the departure and arrival ports.

Air shipping cost:

The cost of air freight for a shipment from China to the USA is calculated as per kilogram (kg) based on its weight or dimension.

Extra charges may arise for customs clearance or fuel surcharges.

Air freight charges from China to the USA can range from $2.50 per kilogram to $10 per kilogram, depending on the size of the shipment, cargo weight, and the level of urgency for delivery.

Please keep in mind that the exact costs of air or sea shipping from China to the USA can differ depending on the specific needs of your shipment, such as its size, weight, and timing of delivery.

It is best to consult with us when you shipping goods from China to USA to accurately determine the costs.

Shipping prices from China to USA can be read:Cost of Shipping From China to USA

Shipping time from China to USA can be read:Shipping time from China to USA

What documents are required for customs clearance for shipping medical devices from China to the USA?

Civilian protective masks: With normal customs declaration documents, they can be exported as ordinary goods.

  • packing list
  • bill
  • customs clearance
  • contract

Medical masks/surgical masks/N9 masks and other medical masks and medical equipment need to provide: In addition to packing lists, invoices, customs declaration forms, and contracts, the following qualifications are also required:

  • 1 Scope of business license with Class II medical device sales license
  • 2 Medical device production license
  • 3 Test report from a third-party testing agency in mainland China
  • 4 FDA test report is required for shipment to the US market
  • 5 Export license. If the factory only has production capacity and does not have an export license, it can entrust Best Import and Export Co., Ltd., which has a second-level medical device sales license in its business scope, as an export agent. General import and export agencies cannot operate this type of mask transportation.

The export agency fee is the value of the goods (USD) * 0.05 = agency fee (RMB).

Shipping From China To USA

Shipping Medical Devices from China to USA Also need to know:

Packaging and Labeling Requirements:
Sterile Packaging: Given the sensitive nature of medical devices, prioritize sterile packaging to preserve their integrity and safety throughout transit.
Proper Labeling: Adhere to precise labeling requirements as per both Chinese and U.S. regulations. Ensure that packages include comprehensive information on contents, handling instructions, and regulatory compliance.

Customs Clearance:
Customs Broker: Engage the services of a licensed customs broker to navigate the intricacies of customs clearance in the USA.
Harmonized System (HS) Codes: Accurately classify the medical devices using Harmonized System (HS) codes, facilitating a smooth customs clearance process.

Working with Reliable China Freight Forwarders:
Experienced Partners: Collaborate with freight forwarders possessing extensive experience in shipping medical devices. Their familiarity with regulatory requirements is crucial.
Door-to-Door Services: Consider door-to-door services for a more streamlined shipping experience, encompassing everything from the origin to the final destination.

Cargo Insurance: Mitigate risks by securing comprehensive cargo insurance covering potential damages or losses during transit.

Secure Handling: Ensure that logistics providers implement secure handling procedures to prevent any damage or tampering of the medical devices during transportation.

Real-Time Tracking: Leverage real-time tracking services to monitor the location and status of the shipment throughout its journey.
Post-Arrival Responsibilities:

Customs Duties and Taxes: Prepare to fulfill any customs duties and taxes applicable upon the arrival of the medical devices in the USA.

Distribution Plan: Have a well-thought-out distribution plan to ensure the efficient and timely delivery of medical devices to their final destinations within the U.S.

By carefully completing each step, companies can not only ensure compliance, but also streamline the shipping process to ensure the safe and efficient transportation of medical devices from China to the United States. It is highly recommended to seek guidance from Basenton Logistics, a Chinese freight forwarding company versed in international transportation and regulatory compliance, for a successful and hassle-free experience.

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