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Guide to Shipping Used Cars from China

In the ever-expanding global market, international trade of used cars is a booming industry, and used car shipping companies play a key role in connecting businesses and individuals to realize their car dreams.

In 2023, China will become the world’s largest automobile exporter, reaching 5.22 million units. Whether they are new or used cars, there will be a huge demand for transportation from China. Shipping used cars from China to other countries may be a complex process that requires Plan carefully and comply with various regulations. Whether you are a car dealer or an individual looking to export a vehicle, it is crucial to understand the steps involved in shipping a used car from China. This comprehensive guide provides valuable insights and practical tips to help you navigate the process smoothly and efficiently.

What are the ways to transport used cars from China?

When shipping a used car around the world, choosing the right shipping method is a crucial decision. It can significantly impact the safety, cost and efficiency of the transportation process. The two main methods of shipping cars are roll-on/roll-off (RoRo) and container shipping. Here’s a simple explanation of each:

Roll-on/roll-off (RoRo): Roll-on-roll-off is like a car ferry for vehicles. The car is driven onto the ship’s deck, secured and transported to its destination. This method is cost-effective and suitable for running cars. It’s like parking your car on a large ship and retrieving it at the other end.

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Container Shipping: In container shipping, cars are placed inside a container for transportation. This method provides better protection from weather and potential damage. It is ideal for expensive or classic cars. The vehicle is placed inside a secure container, sealed, and then shipped.

The choice between roll-off and container shipping depends on the condition of the car, its value, and the level of protection required during transportation. Choosing the right method is the first step in ensuring a smooth and successful international car shipping experience.

Shipping a Cars from China

How to Ship a Used Car from China

Basenton Logistics, as a Chinese freight forwarding company, can provide you with reliable and efficient services for transporting cars from China to other countries. Here is a guide on how to ship a used car from China:

  • Inspect the vehicle: Before shipping a used vehicle, perform a thorough inspection. Take note of the car’s condition, including dents, scratches, or mechanical issues. This record will help resolve disputes related to the condition of the car as it was delivered.
  • CLEAN AND SAFE: Clean the interior and exterior of your car. A clean vehicle looks better and existing damage is easier to spot. Make sure all loose items in the vehicle are secured. This includes floor mats, spare tires and any personal items left behind by the owner.
  • Remove personal belongings: Notify the vehicle owner to remove all personal belongings from the vehicle. This includes items such as paperwork, personal electronics and any valuables. Transportation companies typically do not allow personal items inside the vehicle.
  • Maintain fuel level: Keep the fuel level at about a quarter of the tank. This provides sufficient fuel for loading and unloading without adding unnecessary weight to the cargo.
  • Disable Alarms: Make sure all car alarms are disabled before shipping. You want to avoid alarms during transport, which can cause disruption.
  • Securing Special Features: If the car has unique features or modifications (such as a convertible top, retractable antennas, or specialized equipment), make sure they are properly secured or prepared for transport.
  • Provide necessary documents: Make sure all necessary documents are in place, including car title, registration, and any required import and export documents. Be prepared to provide the documents required for customs clearance.

Being well prepared by following these steps will help make the shipping process smoother, increase customer satisfaction, and maintain your reputation as a reliable shipping service provider.

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How to Ship a Used Car from China

How much does it cost to ship a car from China to your country

The cost of shipping a car from China to your country may vary depending on the shipping method and car size. On average, the cost of shipping a car from China is about $1,000 to $3,500. The cost will vary from country to country. You can contact Basenton Logistics to get a quote, or you can click on the post below about the cost of shipping from China to different countries.

How much does it cost to ship a car from China to your country

What documents are needed to import a car from China?

Prepare and submit all required export documents including bill of lading, commercial invoice and certificate of origin.
Work closely with your freight forwarder or shipping agent to ensure all documentation is accurate and complete to avoid delays or customs issues.

Complete the necessary paperwork, register the vehicle in the destination country and obtain any required permits or licenses.

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Top 10 Countries For China’s Auto Exports In 2023

  1. Russia 909,000 vehicles
  2. Mexico 415,100 vehicles
  3. Belgium 217,400 vehicles
  4. Australia 214,600 vehicles
  5. UK 213,800 vehicles
  6. Saudi Arabia 213,600 vehicles
  7. Philippines 172,500 vehicles
  8. Thailand 170,600 vehicles
  9. UAE 160,000 vehicles
  10. Spain 138,700 vehicles

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