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How do Amazon Sellers Choose Amazon FBA Freight Forwarding

Do you need a freight forwarder for Amazon FBA? As Amazon sellers, most of them will choose Amazon FBA as the shipping method, which not only saves time and effort but also gets more platform traffic. Therefore, this also determines that we need to use the Amazon FBA headline as the delivery channel to mail the goods to the designated Amazon warehouse.

Amazon FBA freight

Before using the Amazon FBA headway, we need to find Amazon FBA freight forwarders to provide logistics services. When many people are looking for Amazon FBA freight forwarders, they usually find one on the Internet or introduce one from a friend, and they will not change and cooperate afterward. However, if an unexpected situation occurs in the middle of the freight forwarding, it will greatly affect the delivery. Temporary search, but can not confirm whether the freight forwarder is reliable and bear greater risks.

Therefore, sellers may wish to choose two more freight forwarders when looking for freight forwarders. On the one hand, they can avoid accidents during the cooperation and cause greater impact. On the other hand, they can reasonably use the advantages of different forwarders to enjoy better logistics services. Below, Basenton introduces the factors that need to be considered when choosing Amazon FBA freight forwarding. If you don’t know the shipping method.

How do Amazon sellers choose Amazon FBA freight forwarding?

Amazon FBA freight forwarding

1. Serviceability

Service capability refers to the content of logistics services that freight forwarding companies can provide. Strong service capability means that they can provide more service content, such as common logistics, warehousing, insurance, billing, labeling, billing period, etc. You can use your own Logistics service requirements are checked. There are not many service capabilities, but they care about whether they can meet their logistics needs.

2. Professionalism

The professionalism of service personnel is also an item that we need to focus on when we choose freight forwarding companies. For example, logistics customer service personnel need to examine the response speed, service attitude, and processing efficiency of customer service personnel. The higher the professionalism of the service, the higher the service standard, the more reliable the logistics service we can enjoy, and the more worry-free and effortless mailing of goods.

3. Logistics fit

Logistics fit refers to whether the logistics of the freight forwarding company can meet the logistics needs of Amazon sellers. The higher the fit, the higher the satisfying demand. When choosing a freight forwarder, we need to understand the fit of the logistic and contact a freight forwarding company that can meet most or all of our logistics needs.

On the contrary, how the logistics fit is low, and the delivery often encounters the situation that there is no corresponding logistics channel, then it will be very time-consuming. Therefore, sellers need to clarify their logistics needs before choosing a freight forwarding company.

4. What is the reputation

After subjectively understanding the service content, professionalism, and logistics fit of freight forwarding companies, we also need to understand the reputation of these companies through online reputation. The easiest way is to list the company’s brand words in search engines. If the network reputation is relatively small, it proves that the service of this company is still possible. If the network reputation is relatively poor, then pay more attention when shipping.

5. After-sales service

A freight forwarder without after-sales service is a freight forwarder without a sense of responsibility. Therefore, when choosing a freight forwarder, you need to understand after-sales service, including after-sales service capability, problematic parts handling efficiency, and compensation standards for lost parts.

Do you need a freight forwarder for Amazon FBA? Choose Amazon FBA freight forwarding, you need to start from five aspects, namely, logistics fit, service capabilities, professionalism, online reputation, and after-sales issues. Basenton also provides professional freight forwarding services for Amazon sellers. For details, please click to understand.

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