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How Long does it take for Shipping from China to South Africa

The Republic of South Africa referred to as “South Africa”, is located at the southernmost tip of the African continent. South Africa is the second-largest economy in Africa. Its citizens have a higher standard of living and its economy is relatively stable compared to other African countries. The industrial system is the most complete in Africa, deep-well mining technology is among the top in the world, and minerals are the main source of South Africa’s economy. Mining, manufacturing, agriculture, and service industries are the four pillars of the economy, and deep-well mining and other technologies are among the world’s leaders. Trade between China and South Africa has become more frequent in recent years. For this reason, Basenton tells everyone how long it will take for shipping from China to South Africa and how to get there.

Logistics serivce from China to South Africa

How long does air freight take from China to South Africa?

Air freight from China to South Africa is becoming increasingly popular due to its speed and convenience. Although air freight is more costly than sea shipping, it offers a quicker alternative for those who need their goods delivered in a timely manner. With the freight forwarder in China, businesses can enjoy fast, reliable shipping without the added cost of delays or damage.

Standard air freight from China to South Africa typically takes 8-10 days for delivery. However, express delivery courier services can get the item there within a couple of days.

 FromToTransit time
Air FreightChinaSouth Africa8 to 10 days
Air Freight DDPChinaSouth Africa12 to 16 days


FromToTransit timecost per kgs
Air FreightChinaSouth Africa8 to 10 days$4 – 7.9 per kgs

How long does Sea freight take from China to South Africa?

 FromToTransit time
Sea FreightChinaSouth Africa 25 to 30 days
Sea Freight DDPChinaSouth Africa 35 to 40 days
Sea FreightHong KongSouth Africa 25 to 30 days
Sea FreightChongqingSouth Africa 27 to 30 days
Sea FreightFuzhouSouth Africa 24 to 30 days
Sea FreightHuangpuSouth Africa 23 to 30 days
Sea FreightNanshaSouth Africa 23 to 30 days
Sea FreightShanghaiSouth Africa 26 to 30 days
Sea FreightGuangzhouSouth Africa 23 to 30 days
Sea FreightShenzhenSouth Africa 23 to 30 days
Sea FreightXiamenSouth Africa 24 to 30 days

The transit time from China to the South Africa is approximately 25 days by port to port shipping transit time, door to door shipping takes approx. 30 to 35 days by sea.

Shipping from China to South Africa

South Africa is the world’s largest gold producer and exporter, but due to the decline in gold prices in the international market, platinum group metals have gradually replaced gold as the most important export mineral product. South Africa is also the world’s major diamond producer, with an output of approximately 8.7% of the world’s.

South Africa’s main export products are gold, metals and metal products, diamonds, food, beverages and tobacco, machinery and transportation equipment, and other finished products.

Mainly import machinery and equipment, transportation equipment, chemical products, petroleum, etc. From Shenzhen to South Africa, the voyage is about 14-38 days. Knowing how long it takes for shipping from China to South Africa, let’s take a look at those that need attention.

1. Import documents:

①Commercial invoice;

②Certificate of origin;

③Sanitary and animal and plant quarantine certificate;

④ For steel and semi-finished products, a certificate of composition analysis is required;

⑤ Insecticides, chemical fertilizers, feeds, pesticides and spare drugs, narcotic drugs, and patent medicines should be registered in South Africa;

⑧ For other commodities listed in the restricted form, a DA59 certificate of origin is required.

2. Import tax rate:

Import tax is levied on the delivery price of imported goods on board the exporting country.

The import tariff rates are as follows:

a. Primary products and semi-primary products are 0% to 10%;

b. Production equipment is 0% to 10%;

c. Various parts are 10% to 15%;

d. Consumer goods are 15% to 30%.

3. Taxation:

Imported goods are subject to 14% value-added tax, except for food products (including rice, vegetables, fruits, milk, brown wheat flour, eggs, and beans, but excluding meat, fish, and white bread).

The following products are subject to consumption tax: alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, mineral water, certain petroleum products, automobiles, office machines, film and luxury consumer goods, such as cosmetics, household leisure products, and motorcycles.

4. Items prohibited from importing in South Africa:

a. Dangerous goods.

b. Plants.

c. Poultry.

d. Perishable goods.

Also, please note:

The South African Tariff and Trade Commission has launched an anti-dumping investigation on stainless steel concave ware exported from Hong Kong and mainland China.

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The above is about how long it takes to ship from China to South Africa and the matters needing attention. I hope it will be helpful to export trading companies. Basenton is a private leading Chinese logistics service provider from China. Founded in 2008, Basenton is composed of a group of professionals who are shrewd and sincere to respond quickly to customer needs and can provide you with professional shipping services.

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