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Shipping Time From China to Thailand

In the ever-expanding landscape of global trade, shipping from China to Thailand has become a crucial route for businesses looking to tap into the booming Southeast Asian market. Whether you’re a seasoned importer or a newbie in the world of international shipping, this guide will walk you through the essential steps and considerations for a successful shipment from the manufacturing powerhouse of China to the vibrant economy of Thailand.

Shipping from China to Thailand

Shipping from China to Thailand

Shipping from China to Thailand is a long and complicated process. However, if you know the right Chinese freight forwarder in China, it can be a lot easier.

The cheapest way to ship from China to Thailand is through sea freight. Chinese Freight forwarders are responsible for getting your goods from the port of entry in China to your desired destination port in Thailand.

There are many shipping routes from China to Thailand, but the one with the lowest cost might not be the fastest or cheapest. When shipping by air cargo, it is one of the most expensive routes but also one of the fastest. The most popular shipping option is sea freight, which takes a lot longer than air freight, but it’s cheaper too. Shipping by air cargo is expensive but rapid, and so the best choice for last-minute shoppers or deliveries.

There are many factors that go into calculating the cost of shipping from China to the Thailand. The freight forwarder in China, the type of cargo, and the destination all have an effect on the cost.

One important factor is whether or not you are using a container or a LCL but less time consuming method like air freight. Another factor is which freight forwarder you use to ship your goods. The final factor is how long it takes for your goods to be shipped from China to Thailand and this can vary depending on where in China your goods are being shipped from.

What Are Your Options for Shipping from China to Thailand

When it comes to shipping goods from China to Thailand, you have several options to choose from, depending on factors such as the type of cargo, urgency, budget, and convenience. Here are the primary shipping methods you can consider:

1. Ocean Freight From China to Thailand

Less than Container Load (LCL): When you book LCL shipping, your freight travels in a shared container, together with the cargo of other shippers. This is a great option if you don’t want to shoulder the price of a full container. LCL is often the most affordable way to import smaller consignments from China to Thailand.

Full Container Load (FCL): When you book FCL shipping, you’ll pay for the use and transportation of an entire container from China to Thailand. For shipments with a high volume and/or weight, this might prove less costly than LCL in terms of shipping cost-per-unit.

2. Air Freight From China to Thailand

Air shipping will surely get your goods to Thailand the fastest. But, in most cases, it is also the most expensive option.

3. Land Transport Shipping from China to Thailand:

Speed: Land transport is relatively faster than sea freight, but it depends on the distance and route.
Suitable For: If your shipment originates from southern China, you can explore overland transport options, such as trucking or rail, to Thailand. This can be a quicker alternative to sea freight.

4. Rail Freight Shipping from China to Thailand:

Speed: Rail freight is faster than sea freight and can be more cost-effective than air freight.
Suitable For: Rail transport is suitable for goods that need to be delivered relatively quickly but don’t require the speed of air transport.

5. Courier Services:

Speed: Courier services like DHL, FedEx, and UPS offer fast and reliable shipping options for small parcels.
Cost: They can be more expensive than traditional air or sea freight for smaller shipments.
Suitable For: Smaller packages, urgent documents, and high-value items.

6. Multimodal Shipping:

Combining Modes: Some shipments may involve a combination of transportation modes. For example, goods may be transported by truck to a nearby port, then shipped by sea to Thailand, and finally delivered by truck to the destination.

It’s essential to carefully evaluate your shipping needs, including the type of goods you’re shipping, budget constraints, and delivery timelines, to choose the most appropriate shipping method. Consider working with Bassenton logistics professionals who can provide guidance and ensure a smooth shipping process from China to Thailand.

Shipping from China to Thailand

How Long Does it Take to Ship Cargo From China to Thailand

How long does it take to Shipping from China to Thailand? Shipping by air freight from China to Thailand takes between four and eight days, depending on your choice of departure airport and the size and nature of your shipment. Ocean freight shipping is a slower process, with extra logistics required for LCL in particular. So you should allow between ten and 27 days for your consignment to reach port in Bangkok or Laem Chebang.

ByFromToTransit time
Air FreightChinaThailand1 -3 days
Sea FreightChinaThailand12 – 15 days
Air Freight DDPChinaThailand6 – 7 days
Sea Freight DDPChinaThailand12 – 15 days
Trucking Freight DDPChinaThailand8 – 10 days

How Long Does It Take to Ship Cargo by Sea From China to Thailand?

Ocean shipping from China to Thailand can be as fast as 6 days or take as long as 31 days as the examples below show:

Shanghai to Bangkok – 14 days LCL
Guangzhou to Bangkok – 12 days FCL, 13 days LCL
Wuhu to Bangkok – 21 days LCL
Shenzhen to Bangkok – 20 days FCL
Ningbo to Bangkok – 31 days FCL, 15 days LCL
Chongqing to Bangkok – 27 days FCL, 17 days LCL
Huangpu to Bangkok – 14 days FCL and LCL
Jiangmen to Bangkok – 14 days LCL
Dalian to Laem Chabang – 17 days FCL
Shekou to Bangkok – 6 days FCL
Shekou to Laem Chabang – 12 days FCL

Chinese portBangkok / Laem Chabang
Hong Kong / Shenzhen7 – 9 days
Tianjin port13 – 15 days
Ningbo port10 – 12 days
Shanghai port11 – 13 days
Guangzhou port8 – 10 days

*As far as transit times from China to Thailand are concerned, it should range around 6-12 days, depending on the city of departure in China.

How Long Does It Take to Ship Cargo by Air From China to Thailand?

Got an urgent deadline? Air shipping from China to Thailand is the quickest way to satisfy those demanding customers of yours in Thailand. A freight forwarder can get your freight to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport in four days from Shanghai, Shenzhen, or Chengdu, or eight days from Wuhan, Guangzhou or Beijing.

Factors Affecting Air Freight Costs from China to Thailand

Air freight cost is basically a combination of various charges and surcharges, including air freight charge, fuel surcharge, security fee, terminal fee and other surcharges. These charges are set by different airlines based on their operating costs. According to factors such as season, international oil prices and off-season, airlines revise these charges frequently to reflect market changes.

Air freight charge is based on the airline, route, and season. Air freight charges can be different for each airline for the same route. For example, if there are two airlines that both fly from China to Thailand , then a shipment made during peak season will probably cost differently than one made during off-season.

Other surcharges are constantly being revised from time to time, According to factors such as off-season, peak season, international oil prices, etc., so the difference between each airline that may change once a few months or once a week.

Shipping from China to Thailand

Road transportation time from China to Thailand

Transit times between China and Thailand are shorter than sea freight, obviously. Here are two examples:

  • Hong Kong – Bangkok : 2-3 days
  • Guangzhou – Chiang Mai: 2-3 days

Basenton : If you need to ship from cities situated in the North-East part of the country, ocean freight is recommended, as the distance to be covered would be too important.

How much does it cost to Shipping from China to Thailand

A freight forwarder can provide you with a quote for ocean and air shipping from China to Thailand. You will receive a price that takes into account:

The nature of the goods you wish to ship
Your preference of air shipping or ocean freight
The dimensions, weight, and volume of your goods
Whether you want a port-to-port, port-to-door, door-to-port or door-to-door service.

As a guide, freight weighing under 100kg is usually just as cost-effectively sent by air freight as ocean shipping. Above that weight, air shipments start offering less value for money than sea freight.

Basenton logistics services are not available for consignments that weigh under 35kg. For shipments of this weight or below, we recommend you engage an express courier service.

Shipping goods from China to Thailand involves several steps and considerations. Here’s a general overview of the process:

1. Documentation and Customs Clearance:

Ensure you have all the necessary documents for your shipment, including invoices, packing lists, and a bill of lading or airway bill.

Familiarize yourself with Thai customs regulations and import requirements. It’s crucial to comply with these regulations to avoid delays and fines.

2. Choose a Shipping Method:

You can choose between various shipping methods, including air freight, sea freight, and land transport.
Air freight is faster but more expensive, while sea freight is cheaper but takes longer.
Select a shipping company or freight forwarder to handle your shipment.

3. Packaging and Labeling:

Properly package your goods to prevent damage during transit.
Ensure that your packages are labeled correctly with the recipient’s address, contact information, and any required labels or markings.

4. Book Your Shipment:

Contact your chosen shipping company or freight forwarder to book your shipment.
Provide them with all necessary details, including the size and weight of your cargo.

5. Customs Clearance in China:

Your goods will go through customs clearance in China before they can be shipped to Thailand. Your shipping company or freight forwarder can assist with this process.

6. Shipping and Transit:

Your goods will be transported to Thailand, either by air or sea, depending on your chosen method.
Keep track of your shipment’s progress and expected arrival date.

7. Customs Clearance in Thailand:

Once your goods arrive in Thailand, they will go through customs clearance again.
Make sure all required documentation is in order, and any customs duties or taxes are paid.

8. Delivery and Distribution:

After clearing customs, your goods can be delivered to your specified destination in Thailand.
Coordinate with a local distributor or logistics company if needed.

9. Compliance with Import Regulations:

Be aware of any specific regulations or restrictions related to your product category. Thailand has various regulations governing imports, including licensing requirements for certain goods.

Shipping from China to Thailand

Shipping from China to Thailand for Customs Clearance

Which customs rules and regulations apply to your shipment from China to Thailand? What paperwork will be required to ensure your consignment clears customs checks at its port of origin and arrival? These are complicated questions that a freight forwarder can answer quickly.

You can save yourself a lot of time and hassle when you engage an expert to handle the customs clearance process for you.

Here are the documents that you’ll require as a minimum:

Commercial Invoice

Packing List

Certificate of Origin

Letter of Credit or other payment terms (depends on the contract between the parties involved)

Bill of Lading for ocean freight or Airway Bill for air freight (Shipa Freight will provide this for you)

Need further details about these documents? We’ve collated useful information on this handy shipping and customs documentation page.

Why Shipping from China to Thailand With Basenton Logistics

If you don’t want to take any chances when moving your valuable freight from China to Thailand, book your shipment with us. We are a digital-first, online-only freight forwarder, ready to take care of all of your ocean and air-freight shipping needs.

Let us simplify your supply chain by providing access to our cutting-edge online platform. Now, you can manage your entire shipment process in one place.

Take advantage of these benefits when you ship with us:

1. Obtain and compare quotes online in an instant
2. Book and pay for your shipment directly online without losing time.
3. Always prepare the right shipping documents.
4. Rid yourself of customs complexities – we will take care of them for you.
5.Receive help from our friendly customer service team, 24/7.
6.Guaranteed compliance with international shipping rules and regulations.

Shipping from China to Thailand

As you can see, Shipping from China to Thailand is a complex process that can get confusing if you don’t know what you are doing. This is why it is so important to hire a reliable and experienced freight forwarder. A good freight forwarder handles the entire movement of your inventory from the time it leaves the factory to its final destination. This is a service that Basenton Logistics has many years of experience in handling. Don’t hesitate; contact us today so we can start helping you with your shipment.

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