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How Long does Shipping take from China to Bahrain

How Long does it Take to Shipping from China to Bahrain? China and Middle East countries have very close economic relations. Taking Bahrain as an example, how long does it take to ship from China to Barron? Let’s first understand the country of Bahrain briefly. The main port of Bahrain is Bahrain Port, the basic port in the Middle East and the largest port in Bahrain. Due to its weak agricultural foundation, limited resources, relatively backward technology, and low investment, Bahrain has developed slowly. Agricultural products are mainly dependent on imports.

How long does it take to ship freight from China to Bahrain?


How long does it take to ship from China to Barron? This depends on which port you depart from, and the time required for different ports is somewhat different. Taking Shenzhen Shekou Port as an example, the shipping time from Shenzhen to Bahrain is generally 17-24 days, and the time limit varies depending on the location. Please consult Basenton for a specific location, price, and timeliness.

Air freight transit times from China to Bahrain

To use air freight service, you should know standard air freight between China and Bahrain.

Here you can find a list of transit time from different cities in China to different airports in Bahrain.

Transit TimeBahrainManamaSakhirMuharraq
Shanghai2 days1 day3 days4 days
Shenzhen3 days2 days2 days1 day
Guangzhou3 days3 day4 days2 days
Beijing4 days2 days1 day2 days
Ningbo5 days3 days2 days4 days

Sea freight transit times from China to Bahrain

Also, sea freight shipping has various cost depending on the distance, volume, weight and insurance.

Here, I have provided a list of the time so that you can decide better.

Transit Time
From/ toMina SalmanSitra  
Shanghai12 days13 day
Shenzhen13 days12 days
Guangzhou10 days17 day
Beijing14 days12 days
Ningbo15 days13 days

Sea Shipping Cost from China to Bahrain (Ocean fright rate)

From/ toMina SalmanSitra  
Shanghai800 USD750 USD
Shenzhen650 USD600 USD
Guangzhou700 USD670 USD
Beijing560 USD770 USD
Ningbo760 USD860 USD

Bahrain’s tariff and import management

shipping from china to Bahrain

A. Bahrain’s tariff rates are mainly tax-free, 5%, 100%, and 125%. The four tax rates are:

1. Duty-free: vegetables and fruits, fresh fish, frozen fish, meat, books and magazines, price lists, etc.

2. 5%: clothing, automobiles, electronic products, perfumes, and other products.

3. 100%: Tobacco and tobacco products.

4. 125%: wine.

To ensure the stability of the basic supply of society, Bahrain generally adopts duty-free import measures for food. The import procedures of agricultural products are the same as the import procedures of other goods. When importing goods, you need to submit the delivery note issued by the shipowner or the liner agent, the supplier’s invoice in triplicate, the packing box in two copies, the certificate of origin, and insurance. Bills, bills of lading, bank payment vouchers, etc. How long does it take to ship from China to Barron?


B. Bahrain is a WTO member and has no country discrimination and quantitative restrictions on agricultural products. With the following exceptions:

1. Bahrain responds to the call of the Arab League to boycott Israeli products and shall not import any products produced in Israel.

2. According to the Free Trade Agreement of the League of Arab States, since 1998, products produced by the members of the League of Arab States can enjoy a 10% tariff reduction when entering Bahrain. The level of concessions will increase by 10% every year, and it is expected that tariff-free imports will be realized within 10 years.

3. Goods produced in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Oman, and Qatar can be imported into Bahrain without customs duties after obtaining the certificate of origin issued by the Gulf Cooperation Council.

4. According to the bilateral agreements signed between Bahrain and Jordan, Syria, and Tunisia, products produced in these countries can enter Bahrain without tariffs.

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