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Shipping from China to USA Time

China to USA

How Long does it take to Ship from China to the US

The transportation time of your goods will be affected by the location, shipping scale and season. Transport times are not always the same. Depending on market conditions, natural behaviour and other circumstances, shipments may be delayed.

The rule of thumb for lead time (under normal conditions) is:3 days for air express, 4 to 8 days for air freight and 30 to 40 days for sea freight. These estimates may be affected by various circumstances, so it is worth checking with your logistics supplier.

Shipping From China To USA

Sea Freight time from China to the US?

Wondering how long to ship from China to US? You need to know how much cargo, choose FCL or LCL, which port you need to ship from, which port you need to shipping to USA, which shipping carriers you need, Let’s start with major ports in US.Click the link:How to Choose a Port for Shipping from China to USA.

Shipping from China to USA, the route to the East Coast and West Coast is different. To the west coast of the United States, shipping is through the Pacific Ocean, it takes about 13-16 days, if the shipper carrier is different, the price is also different, so there are long and short time. To the U.S. East Coast is through the Pacific Ocean, then through the Panama Canal, and finally to the East Coast, the time is about 25-28 days. Can also be shipped to the West Coast, and then through the inland transportation to the East Coast, commonly known as MLB, the time is about 21-23 days, just to be more expensive than the sea.

Let’s take shipping from Shenzhen for example, shipping to US West Coast ports about 14-20 days, and shipping US East Coast ports about 30 days, so you better figure out the specific from the transport to where.

Shenzhen to Los Angeles shipping time, FCL ocean freight as an example, shipping carriers HPL, KLNE, CMA, NYK about 13 days voyage, APL, WHL, OOCL, COSCO, PIL about 15 days, MSC about 17 days.

Shenzhen to New York shipping time, FCL sea freight as an example, shipping carriers KLINE, COSCO, NYK, OOCL, HPL, EMC, APL about 28 days voyage, HMM, MSK, ZIM, MSC about 30 days voyage.

Of course, the same shipping carrier, different sailing time, the time limit will also be a day or two difference. For example, if the sailing to Los Angeles (LA) is on Saturday, it will take 14 days to arrive. If the ship sails on Sunday, it will arrive in 11 days. To Oakland (OAK), also a Sunday sailing, it will take 15 days to arrive.

How long does it take to Sea Freight from China to the US?

Shipping Container Time from China to USA

The average transit time, sailing, and vessel schedule to ship your container from China to USA from the major ports in China.

Country of originPort of originPort of destinationTransit time (days)20 FCL
ChinaPort of ShanghaiPort of New York36$3150
ChinaPort of ShenzhenPort of Newark42$3250
ChinaPort of Ningbo-ZhoushanPort of Baltimore38$3650
ChinaPort of Hong KongPort of Norfolk42$3050
ChinaPort of GuangzhouPort of Savannah45$3850
ChinaPort of QingdaoPort of Miami40$2850
ChinaPort of TianjinPort of Houston36$3250
ChinaPort of DalianPort of Los Angeles37$3150
ChinaPort of XiamenPort of Washington30$3150
ChinaPort of YingkouPort of Tacoma35$2850

Air Freight time from China to the USA?

Standard air shipping from China to USA usually takes 4 to 8 days. It’s not that the plane is slow, but that customs clearance, transportation, etc. take time. Express air freight services are usually 2-3 days shorter than standard air freight.

How long does it take to Air Freight from China to the US?

When the flight schedule is confirmed, what actual process takes place?

Your China supplier needs to send the cargo from their factory to the flight agent’s warehouse (0.5 Day).

Arrange cargo loading and customs clearance in China (1-2 days).

Flight from China to the USA (2-3 Days).

Customs clearance in the USA (1-2 Days). Inland transportation to your warehouse (2-3 Days).

P.S. The above timing is just an estimate and only serves as a reference. Timing may vary according to different situations. For example, if the customs declaration in China is delayed, it may lead to the suspension of the flight schedule, thus affecting the whole delivery time.

Here is the average air freight port to port shipping time to USA below.

USAPort to PortAverage Time
West USAGuangzhou to LA5 days
Qingdao to Seattle5 days
Shenzhen to Atlanta6 days
East USAXiamen to Houston7 days
Shenzhen to Denver7 days
Wuhan to New York8 days
Middle USABeijing to Chicago4 days

How long does it take to ship via China Post to USA

It takes a long time to ship goods from China by surface mail. China Post offers faster and more cost-effective options in air mail and EMS, both of which may take one to two weeks.

If the document appears to be in question, US Customs will lower the priority of parcel release. Therefore, by checking whether the supplier has received the written documents before sending, you can increase the chance that you can deliver normally in only one week.

Packages from China normally take at least a month but is largely dependent on the shipping method that was used when it was mailed. If it’s sent EMS, it can take 2–3 weeks but the service called e-packet, which isn’t trackable and very inexpensive, but takes a long time to get to the U.S. taking almost 45–60 days in most cases

Estimated Delivery Time in Different Procedures

ProcedureOrdinary Mail (Untraceable)Registered Mail (Traceable)EUB (Traceable)EMS (Traceable)
Seller’s Storage Time Before Shipping1-5 days1-3 days1-3 days1-2 days
Collecting and Dispatching Time to the Destination2-5 days2-5 days2-5 days1-2 days
Days from China to the USA6-12 Days10-20 Days6-8 Days3-5 days
Transit Time to Local Post Office for Delivery5-10 days3-5 days2-3 days1-2 days
Delivery1-2 days1-2 days1-2 days1-2 days
Total25-40 days12-35 days15-25 days7-15 days

Note: When the package is in the destination country, it will be processed by the postal service of the country. For example, when it’s in the US, it will be processed by USPS.

Shipping From China To USA

Express shipping time from China to USA

Three days are allowed for shipment from China by international express. This includes either picking up the package at the Chinese supplier’s door, unless the supplier has delivered the package to their warehouse. If it is really urgent, there will be more expensive quality services, which can even be delivered overnight.

ExpressCost levelTiming
(from 1-10)(working days)
FedEX (IP)7.52-3
(Good timing)
FedEx (IE)64-5
(Balance on cost and time)
(Timing not as good as FedEx)
(Newbie, May delay)
China Post: Air3.57-15
(Faster than surface one)
China Post: SAL310-20
(Between Air and Surface)
China Post: Surface240-70
(Very slow)
China Post: EMS45-7
(Fast and safe)
China (ePacket/EUB)17-30
(Very cheap)

Usually, FedEx is the first choice when it comes to couriers because it offers IP and IE services to cover different needs, and is great at timing control.

DHL is a cheaper player in the market. But the timing control is not as good as FedEx. Sometimes there are delays and deliveries arrive later than expected. But if you don’t mind waiting for 2 to 3 more days, you will enjoy the benefits of cheaper shipping costs.

SF-Express is a newbie in this market. They coordinate with some local distributors for final delivery by cooperating with UPS or other couriers. However, their focus is more on shipping to FBA warehouses of participating businesses on Amazon.

China Post is cheaper compared with other express, but its shipping time is very long. Many eCommerce sellers like eBay, AliExpress, GearBest, BangGood, FastTech, often use China Post to deliver purchases due to its cheaper price.

For example, there is a miracle service named China Post-ePacke/EUB. It is incredibly cheap, but you would need to wait for about 15-25 days (Official time only. It normally takes 30-60 days for deliveries to arrive) to collect the parcel.

Express shipping time from China to USA

To find out the shipping costs from China to USA, click here:Cost Of Shipping From China To USA

20 FT & 40 FT Container Shipping Cost From China To USA

Shipping process from China to the United States

  • Step 1: Contact a freight forwarder; China is preferred.
  • You can contact a freight forwarder in China or the United States. U.S. freight forwarders are most likely to rely on local freight forwarders in China. Therefore, China-based freight forwarders are preferred because much of the complexity and uncertainty of international freight lies with the origin, not the destination.
  • (More on “Why you should work with a local freight forwarder in China”)
  • Step 2: Provide freight details and get freight solutions and quotes
  • Step 3: Connect the freight forwarder with the supplier and the freight forwarder does its job
  • Step 4: Obtain cargo insurance (optional)
  • Step 5: Arrange customs clearance, or simply find a freight forwarder that provides one-stop door-to-door shipping services from China to the United States.

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