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How Long Will It Take to Ship from China to US

The transportation time of your goods will be affected by the location, shipping scale and season. Transport times are not always the same. Depending on market conditions, natural behaviour and other circumstances, shipments may be delayed.

The rule of thumb for lead time (under normal conditions) is: 1-2 weeks for ordinary mail, 3 days for air express, 8-10 days for air freight and 30-40 days for sea freight. These estimates may be affected by various circumstances, so it is worth checking with your logistics supplier.

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It takes a long time to ship goods from China by surface mail. China Post offers faster and more cost-effective options in air mail and EMS, both of which may take one to two weeks.

If the document appears to be in question, US Customs will lower the priority of parcel release. Therefore, by checking whether the supplier has received the written documents before sending, you can increase the chance that you can deliver normally in only one week.

Courier options

Three days are allowed for shipment from China by international express. This includes either picking up the package at the Chinese supplier’s door, unless the supplier has delivered the package to their warehouse. If it is really urgent, there will be more expensive quality services, which can even be delivered overnight.

Air transport

The standard air transportation between China and the United States usually takes 8-10 days. It is not that the plane is slow; This comes down to the fact that the air transport process is more complex than express delivery. The express air transportation service is usually 2-3 days shorter than the standard air transportation time.

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