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How to Choose a Freight Forwarder for Amazon Sellers from China to UAE

The Middle East is known as the last blue ocean of the e-commerce world. The most eye-catching e-commerce platform in this region is Souq, and the news that Amazon acquired Souq for $650 million in April this year once again brought it into focus.

Souq ranks 801st on the global website. The traffic source of Souq is mainly Egypt. In addition, the Saudi Arabia market has huge potential, and the UAE market is relatively mature. Egypt is again a home for high traffic and low volume.

China freight forward

It is understood that the UAE people are keen to surf the Internet and play with mobile phones, and their Internet penetration rate and mobile phone ownership rate have reached more than 70%. Not only the UAE, but also people in rich Gulf countries such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar are also keen to shop online. The scale of online shopping across the Middle East is expected to grow rapidly in the next two to three years.

But there are many Amazon sellers, especially newbies and small-scale sellers, who do not know which company to choose when it comes to logistics in the Middle East when operating Amazon.

China freight forward

Basenton freight forward is relying on its own strong service network to provide one-stop logistics solutions for China’s cross-border e-commerce and trading partners, including transportation, customs clearance, express delivery, and warehousing. The dedicated line mode of air and sea transportation is fully created.

Arrange a direct flight or express ship to arrive in Dubai, after customs clearance and tax payment, the local high-quality express company will be responsible for the last mile delivery. Fast timeliness, safety guarantee, and the fastest response to customer needs.

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