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How to Choose Amazon FBA Freight Forwarder

How to choose Amazon FBA freight forwarder? Have Amazon FBA cargo operation experience, be familiar with Amazon warehouse warehousing standards, be able to identify Amazon goods waybill labels, and the simple operation process of placing an order can solve the problem of customs clearance and tax payment because Amazon is not the subject of customs clearance and tax payment. If it is a large number of goods, it is required Familiar with.

Shipping to Amazon for FBA

The best way for Amazon to make an appointment for warehousing is the FBA head-way logistics service provider recommended by Amazon. For example, the FBA head-way services provided by e-export should be diverse. Choose different FBA head-way services for different goods. FBA warehousing and delivery services! ( The seller needs to prepare the goods in advance to the warehouse designated by Amazon. After the goods are sold, Amazon is responsible for picking and delivering the goods. The seller is responsible for the first part of Amazon FBA. Amazon is not responsible for customs clearance and China delivery to Amazon warehouse services. FBA headline service refers to the delivery of goods from China to Amazon warehouses. There are special services that can fulfill this demand, such as Basenton,Basnton provides shipping to Amazon for FBA services, click to learn more.

There should be 4 shipping methods on the market:

1. Direct delivery

DHL, UPS, FedEx, and the like are suitable for emergency replenishment. And express delivery is free of appointment storage, but it should be noted that Amazon is not the subject of customs clearance and is not responsible for customs clearance and tax payment. It is necessary to make declarations and tariff prepayments and prepare local customs clearance importers in advance. Generally, cross-border logistics companies, such as re-export, can provide a tax number for borrowing. Of course, it is best to have a customs number and pay the tax by yourself. Pay attention to the main body of the invoice and customs clearance when sending express. Also, it is not possible to write the recipient as Amazon. It is generally recommended to write the sender’s name directly as the recipient, but the recipient’s address must be accurate. Because in 2016, the customs required that Chinese shipments must have the made in China logo, which is required on the outer box and the product.

2. FBA Air + Pie

Use air freight to ship to the local area first, and then use local express delivery to deliver to the Amazon warehouse, which is slightly slower than direct express delivery. Express delivery is very convenient for storage without an appointment. Now the empty + delivery on the market is generally double tax package, and there is no need to pay customs prepaid fees, etc., and the cost is also very cheap, about 30 yuan/kg. This method is also born with market demand, of course, it is recommended that the seller have your tax number, and formal customs clearance and tax payment are the best.

Shipping to Amazon for FBA

3. FBA shipping first

Shipping + local customs clearance + delivery to the destination country, the full price does not include tax. This kind of shipping has a long time limit. At that time, it was sent to Amazon by the trailer, which generally required warehousing appointments, and the operation was more troublesome than express delivery. It is cheaper than the 30 express delivery by 1kg. The express cost is about 6000, suitable for non-urgent replenishment. This kind of products are more suitable for high-volume replenishment or products with stable sales during peak seasons

4. Overseas warehouse allocation

Put the goods in overseas warehouses. One can do Amazon FBA. Besides, they can be sold on other platforms and shipped from overseas warehouses. Generally, there are many options for overseas warehouses to transfer to Amazon. You can choose express delivery without an appointment, or you can choose trailer delivery. It can also be replenished more frequently, and the replenishment time is short. Moreover, the customs clearance problem has been solved before the goods arrive at the warehouse, and there will be no major problems in sending them from the warehouse to Amazon. The use of overseas warehouses can also satisfy multi-platform sales at the same time, sea FBA first flight<FBA empty + delivery<direct delivery express;

Comparison of delivery time

overseas warehouse allocation <direct delivery express <FBA empty + dispatch sea freight <FBA first trip

How to choose Amazon FBA freight forwarder? Basenton recommends choosing hot-selling products for FBA to avoid slow inventory in the warehouse, resulting in sluggishness and financial pressure. In the past, you can use express and air+delivery methods to replenish the goods by sea. Of course, seasonal products that are in a hurry or use air or express delivery are the fastest.

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