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Documents Required for Customs Clearance in Qatar

How To Import And Customs Clearance From China To Qatar

In today’s world, international trade has become an integral part of global economies. As businesses expand their reach internationally, reliable and efficient shipping services play a vital role in ensuring the smooth flow of goods. One prominent trade route that has seen tremendous growth in recent years is the shipping route from China to Qatar.

This article will touch on these aspects of the shipping process from China to Qatar. In it, we will discuss the main challenges that merchants usually face when they want to ship from China, the different methods available for shipping, as well as customs and legal considerations related to the shipping process. So let’s start from the part that many fear: customs clearance.

Customs clearance in Qatar: conditions, requirements and procedures required


Before we start customs clearance procedures, or negotiate shipping rates from China to Qatar, let’s look at the terms and requirements for importing from China to Qatar because violating them will directly affect customs clearance.

Conditions for importing from China to Qatar

  1. Prove your business as an importer: You must obtain your customs code to confirm your business as an importer.
  2. Required Permits: You must provide the necessary approvals and permits from the competent authorities for restricted goods.
  3. Translation: The customs office may ask you to translate foreign documents and invoices into Arabic.
  4. Original documents: Submitted customs documents and invoices must be original. You can provide copies of the invoice, but you must pledge to provide the original within three months (90 days) from the date of the undertaking.
  5. Verification of imported goods: You must ensure that the goods you import are not prohibited at the local or international level and that they are not subject to any international agreements or local regulations.
  6. Required Certificates: Certificates of conformity must be prepared for the product imported from the country of origin or a laboratory report approved by the competent authorities.

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Documents Required for Customs Clearance in Qatar

How To Import And Customs Clearance From China To Qatar
  1. Detailed original invoice: This invoice must contain the details of all goods included in the shipment.
  2. Delivery Permit for Air or Sea Freight: Appropriate permission is required for shipping, whether by air or sea.
  3. Bill of Lading : This document is essential for air or sea shipments.
  4. Land Cargo Manavist: An important document for land shipments.
  5. Packing list: This list must contain the HS code, as well as the international code for hazardous substances such as chemicals.
  6. Original Certificate of Origin: Qatar Customs Authority accepts the electronic certificate of origin, whether issued by the Chamber of Commerce or the Chamber of Industry, or by the competent authorities in the countries organizing the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), or issued by chambers of commerce or industry or the competent authorities in all countries of the world, provided that it is verified through the link on the certificate.

By providing these documents and taking into account the above conditions, you can avoid any delays or complications in the customs clearance process in Qatar, thus achieving the best results in your business.

Next Step: Shipping from China to Qatar

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How Long Does It Take To Shipping From China To Qatar

Customs clearance procedures in Qatar

How To Import And Customs Clearance From China To Qatar

The procedures followed to clear goods in the State of Qatar consist of several crucial steps, as follows:

1- As the owner of the goods, you must submit all customs documents and documents to the Qatar Customs Authority electronically. The original documents and documents must be available to the Authority before or after the release of the goods upon request.

2. The shipping or air transport agent shall submit the manifest to the Customs Authority, whether in paper or electronic form, in accordance with the electronic system for customs clearance in force at the Authority.

3. The carrier or customs broker (authorized person) shall submit the manifest and register the information of the means of transport to the customs authority for goods transported by land or sea via wooden or similar ships, and which do not make regular voyages, to complete the customs process.

4- You must pay taxes, customs duties and any other fees on time in accordance with the electronic customs clearance system in force at the Authority.

5. For damaged goods, the applicable customs duties based on their value shall be applied in the condition in which they are at the time of issuance of the customs declaration.

6- After the customs declaration has been drawn up by you or by the authorized customs broker, it must be submitted together with all other required documents to the customs authority.

7- An inspection and inspection of your goods is carried out during the customs clearance process based on risk criteria, where the customs declaration is printed in accordance with the customs system in force in the authority.

After conducting an inspection of your goods and accepting all the submitted documents, an exit permit is issued and the goods are released. In the end, you as the owner of the goods or the authorized customs broker must keep records for five years from the date of completion of the customs clearance process, and submit the records to the customs authority upon request.

Nadeeb Customs Clearance System

How To Import And Customs Clearance From China To Qatar

Qatar’s General Customs Authority (QAC) is providing a range of customs facilities, including the development of the Al Nadeeb electronic customs clearance system. This system aims to unify customs procedures and speed up the completion of transactions with other concerned authorities related to the customs declaration. Approvals are done electronically through the system, and allows you to carry out customs clearance procedures and follow them online.

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