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How to Import Car Parts from China Shipping Guide

Many dealers are importing and trading auto parts from China; the car market is an active and renewable market, and cars always need maintenance and spare parts.

Importing spare parts from China provides high profits, compared to buying spare parts from the domestic market or any other country.

Despite the profitability of the project, it can pose a high risk of losing money if you do not know what are the right ways to import spare parts or choose the best supplier.

In this article, you will learn how to ensure your success in the project of importing car parts from China step by step, and why import from China and not from other countries.

Car Parts from China Shipping Guide

Why import auto parts from China?

The reason for this is due to the quality and competitive prices offered by China in terms of car parts, in addition to the low import costs compared to other countries, such as Europe and Japan, for example.

The advantage of importing auto parts from China can be summarized in four points:

  • Prices and quality are competitive and suitable for all orders.
  • High industrial capacity, as the factory can produce any specific quality or specifications for you.
  • The facilities provided by China in the field of export, as it has become today a factory for the world.
  • Conformity of spare parts to international standards set by the European Union.
  • Continuous development and continuity in the production of various types and varieties of spare parts, as you will always have everything new.

How to Import Auto Parts from China through Chinese Auto Parts Websites

You can search for and communicate with suppliers in order to import auto parts from China through:

Ship a Car from China

Chinese sites for selling auto parts

1. Alibaba Website

You can buy car parts wholesale from the Chinese Alibaba website.


Made in China is one of the famous Chinese sites in the wholesale of Chinese goods.


It is a Chinese wholesale site through the search you can reach auto parts suppliers, contact them for quotations and then compare between different quotations and start your negotiation with suppliers, then finish the purchase procedures and pay safely.

Visiting trade exhibitions specialized in auto parts

Factories and companies display all the new products in these exhibitions, where you can visit them and communicate directly with suppliers, so that the supplier will answer all your questions, and the most important of these exhibitions are:

  • Chengdu International Auto Parts Trade Fair, which opens its doors in late May.
  • Guangzhou International Auto Show.
  • Beijing International Expo, where auto parts and spare parts suppliers gather in mid-June.
  • China International Auto Show.
  • Shanghai International Expo, where factories exhibit their products annually in October.
  • Canton Fair in Guangzhou It is one of the largest international exhibitions in the world.

Steps to import auto parts from China… How do I order spare parts from China?

First: Identify your product accurately

That is, identifying the type of spare parts you want to import, determining their specifications accurately and preparing a product specification sheet in order to present them to suppliers.

The product you want to import is determined by:

  • Deep market study: to find out what spare parts he needs.
  • Economic feasibility study for the project of importing auto parts from China.
  • Know the amount of supply and demand in the market in order to know the quantity you should import.

Second: Identifying the requirements for importing auto spare parts from China

For the safe and successful import of auto parts, it is necessary to look at the requirements of this project and identify its needs, which are summarized as:

  • Sufficient capital: You need capital to cover the costs of purchasing and shipping these parts, in addition to some other costs such as: quality inspection costs, customs clearance costs, costs of hiring a freight forwarder or customs broker, and commissions.
  • Information: Information is the main focus of success in any import operation, as you need information about markets, specialized exhibitions, and the best factories that produce spare parts, in addition to information about documents and certificates, quality conditions and safety standards in your country, such as the E MARKET standard, which is a quality certificate required for most auto parts such as car headlights, brakes and mirrors.
  • The right place to store: These pieces may be of a rather large size, and need enough space to store them.
  • Preparing a tight marketing plan: It is essential in order to distinguish yourself from competitors, identify sales channels and their places, and dispose of goods without the need for them to stay for a long time in your stores.

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Ship a Car from China

How do you know what quality standards and documents are required in your country?

  • Suppliers: They have experience in the markets to which they export and may have all the information.
  • Visit government websites such as Chamber of Commerce, Ministry of Economy.
  • Market: You can ask importers before you about the required conditions.
  • Customs broker: He is specialized in customs matters.
  • Freight forwarders: They can also provide important information about the required conditions.

Third: Search for suppliers and prepare a list of more than one supplier

After searching for suppliers in one of the ways we mentioned to you, you must now communicate with these suppliers and negotiate with them, as we always recommend contacting at least 10-15 suppliers at first, getting quotations from them, and then scheduling these suppliers as a checklist for you in order to compare them, and reach them in the next times.

Fifth: Compare quotations and choose the best supplier

After you have received several quotes, it’s time to choose the best supplier according to the supplier selection criteria, which include:

  • Quality matching with the required specifications.
  • Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ).
  • The best price offered and its compatibility with quality.
  • Better customer service.
  • Shipping services and additional services provided.

Sixth: Summarizing the agreement with the supplier within the contract

The contract helps you secure your right, after making sure that it is valid in the Chinese courts and summarizes everything that has been agreed.

The contract includes the following clauses:

  • The desired product in all its details.
  • Quantity and price specified.
  • Shipping terms.
  • Penal conditions.

Seventh: Preparing for shipment

You can ship goods from China either by sea freight, or by air freight, but when it comes to importing auto parts from China, we definitely recommend air freight, auto parts are high-value and somewhat sensitive products, so there is no better choice than air freight.

What are the features of air freight for spare parts?

  • The speed of arrival of the shipment to you.
  • Ensure the safety of the pieces from environmental factors (such as humidity) and reduce the risk of theft and damage.
  • The shipment does not need dense packaging.
  • Cargo shipping from where place.
  • Low insurance premiums, saving you some money.

How should spare parts be packaged when shipping?

These pieces must be well wrapped using protective boxes, bubble paper, and the corners of the pieces must be installed to prevent the box from breaking.

With regard to some spare parts, and emptying the liquids contained inside them (oil – hydraulic).

Once you agree with the supplier to ship the goods, you must arrange shipping matters and identify shipping costs, where you have to communicate with two or three shipping companies in order to compare prices and choose the optimal company, or you can use a shipping agent to save the trouble of this effort and carry out the shipping process in the best way.

Eighth: Customs Clearance

You must familiarize yourself with the customs clearance requirements before ordering from the supplier, to know his ability to comply with the quality conditions and safety standards in your country, and to prepare the required documents and documents before the arrival of the shipment so as not to be exposed to problems such as delaying the clearance of the shipment, or confiscating it.

The easiest way to import spare parts from China

Due to the large number of requirements and conditions necessary for import, it may be difficult to do all these things, so you can buy through any of the aforementioned sites and then agree with a company that provides door-to-door shipping services from China, such as the Basenton Logistics, where you ship goods from China, clear them customs, and transport them internally to the door of your warehouse.

The most important quality standards related to auto parts

  • Certificate proving that the plant operates an effective quality management system in compliance with 16949 TS/ISO; ISO\9001.
  • Prevent the import of used spare parts.
  • Spare parts packaging materials are free of asbestos, lead or any heavy metals.

You can also learn about the conditions of customs clearance in your country by using a customs broker as a consultant to obtain information, or handing over customs clearance matters in full.

General documents required for customs clearance

As mentioned above, the documents vary from one country to another and you can identify them through the customs broker, or government websites, but in general, here are the most important documents necessary for customs clearance of spare parts:

  • Commercial invoice.
  • Bill of lading and insurance.
  • Import license.
  • Packing list.
  • Quality certificates.
  • Quality conformity certificates.
  • Certificate of origin.
  • Tax card.

With this, we have covered all the points related to importing auto parts from China, and we have put you a long experience in this field in your hands, and now it is your turn to highlight your skills and start this profitable project.

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