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How to Import Car Tires from China

China is an excellent destination to import tires from because of the high quality, competitive prices, as well as ease of importing from China compared to other countries such as Japan and Korea.

As lucrative as the project of importing car tires from China is, it is full of risks and some difficulties.

In order to ensure that you profit in this project, and do not fall into its potential problems, we put this article in your hands, which explains to you the most important steps to import tires from China.


First: Learn about the conditions and standards for importing tires in your country

Countries set specific conditions on imported tires in order to ensure safety and quality, and they vary from country to country, you can learn about them through government websites or customs clearance offices.

Among the most important criteria for importing car tires from China are the following:

1. Technical parameters

  • Passenger car wheel specifications conform to ISO 3006 / ISO 3894 standards including tire quality of rolling resistance, heat and grip on the dust surface.
  • The manufacturer has an effective quality management system (the manufacturer with TS/ISO 16949 quality certification, which is the special requirements for the application of ISO9001 in relation to spare parts and tires) is considered to meet this item.
  • The tires should not be used or renewed.

2. Packaging Standards

  • Packaging materials and spare parts are free of asbestos, lead or any heavy metals.
  • Ensure that the packaging containers carry the biodegradable plastic label, as the packaging materials are included in the biodegradable plastic list.
  • Put the following data on each package in Arabic or English:
  1. Factory name.
  2. Country of manufacture.
  3. The name or number of the item according to the company’s catalog.
  4. The quantity in the package.
  5. Model of cars that fit the tires.
  6. Installation instructions.

3. Required labels

These are labels placed on tires, such as those of the European Union global standards, which include:

  1. Anti-rotation stickers.
  2. Stickers on the soil.

Second: Know the documents required for customs clearance

When importing car tires from China, it is very important that you familiarize yourself with these documents and certificates required by the customs in your country in order not to subject the goods to confiscation or delay in their entry into the country.

These documents vary from one country to another according to the laws in the country, and you can identify them through official government websites, or use a customs broker to take advice from him, or hand over customs clearance matters in full.

Basic documents and certificates required when importing car tires from China:

  • Certificate of origin.
  • Bill of lading.
  • Packing list.
  • Commercial invoice.
  • Import license.
  • Insurance policy.
  • Quality certificate.

In addition to these certificates, you need some additional certificates depending on the country you are importing to, such as:

  • Import declaration.
  • Quality conformity certificate for tires.
  • The validity of the commercial register in importing auto parts.

We also always advise you to deal with a customs broker, especially if you are new to international trade; he will do all the necessary operations for customs clearance, he will tell you the necessary certificates, thus avoiding the risks of customs clearance, paying fines and delays.

Third: Choose the right way to import car tires from China

You can import car tires from China in two different ways, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages, we will talk about them in detail:

1. Import Online

It is importing via the Internet; through B2B sales platforms. This method is characterized by low costs, easy to find goods and communicate with suppliers quickly.

The disadvantages of importing online are in reliability, as fraud cases are high, and many facets, and in order to overcome this risk, you must adopt some strategies such as:

  • Consider and research the background of the supplier and the company.
  • Request and test tire samples.
  • Dealing with a third party in order to inspect the factory.
  • Use secure payment methods.
  • Check the quality of tires before shipment.
  • Not to pay the money until after receiving a copy of the bill of lading from the supplier and closing the shipping container.

Among the most popular platforms from which you can import tires:

  • Alibaba

2. Offline import

That is, traveling to and importing directly from China. This method is safer because you can visit the factory yourself and meet with suppliers in person.

However, this method of importing is expensive compared to importing online, as you must be prepared to bear the costs of travel, accommodation and transportation.

You can find suppliers through:

  • China Trade Cities Tourism

Such as Guangzhou City, Aiwu, Shanghai, Beijing.

  • Niche Commercial Markets

Such as the markets of Guangzhou city, including:

  1. Yangfu Spare Parts Center Yongfu Auto parts center

Located in Guangzhou, the mall spans an area of 4,000 square meters and a construction area of 18,000 square meters, and houses hundreds of wholesale suppliers from all cities of China and East Asian countries, and contains medium-to-excellent quality goods of auto parts and tires.

  1. Yuyin Spare Parts Center YiYun Auto Parts

The market is located on a large area of 14,000 square meters, and includes many shops and shops selling tires from several famous Asian and Chinese brands.

  1. Li Yin Plaza Liyuan Plaza center

It is a huge market specialized in the sale of auto parts and tires, where you find many suppliers and manufacturers, and you will find competitive prices.

4. Visit trade shows

Visiting public and specialized exhibitions in tires is an appropriate way to get acquainted with many suppliers and different types of tires, and the most important exhibitions are:

  • Canton International Fair.
  • Aiwu International Fair.
  • Shanghai International Automobile Show.

Fourth: Choose the shipping terms (Incoterms) that are right for you

It is very important to choose the right incoterms for you; look for suppliers that offer good shipping terms, for example, suppliers who offer slightly higher prices but offer good shipping terms.

You can also negotiate shipping terms with suppliers to reach a mutually friendly formula.

Among the most important shipping terms are recognized:

  • EXW: The supplier is solely responsible for the production and packaging of tires. You will need to arrange pick-up from the supplier’s factory or warehouse, handle all the next steps and cover the corresponding expenses.
  • FOB (Shipboard Delivery): The supplier is responsible for loading the tires onto the ship or aircraft, covering trucking charges, customs clearance cost and Chinese domestic duties.
  • CIF (Insurance and Shipping Cost): The supplier covers transportation and insurance costs for tires. But you will be obliged to declare the goods at Chinese customs, and unload the tires from the port.
  • DDU / DDP: It is the easiest shipping method that may lead you to
  • DDU: After you pay the fee, the supplier or its agent will deliver the goods in your warehouse.
  • DDP: The supplier is responsible for all the steps, costs and delivery of machines to you in your warehouses.
  • FCA _ FREE CARRIER: Free delivery, where the supplier prepares the tires and transports them to the location of your shipping company
  • CFR _ cost and freight: The supplier bears the costs of transporting the tires to the port only, meaning that the supplier is not responsible for any damage during loading, and you must pay the costs of customs at the port, insurance and shipping.
What is FOB?

Fifth: Choose the most appropriate shipping method

You can choose the right shipping method for you when importing tires from China, as there are two different methods, each of which has its own distinction:

  • Sea freightIt is the most common shipping method due to its low costs, but it takes a long time for the goods to reach you.
  • Air freight: It is a fast shipping method, which you can use if you are in a hurry to get tires to you, but it is expensive compared to air freight.

We recommend hiring a China freight forwarding Company Basenton, in order to arrange all tyre shipping matters and get the best prices from the shipping companies.

How to start importing car tires from China

First of all, you have to investigate the markets, know the types and sizes of tires you want and determine them accurately in the product specifications sheet, and you must prepare a tight marketing plan, which ensures the analysis of competitors and identify sales channels.

Then familiarize yourself with the customs procedures, and their requirements before starting import, and then apply the steps that we mentioned to you accurately.

Good luck.

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