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How to import from China to Dubai

How to import from china to Dubai? In recent years, Dubai has emerged as a global trade and logistics hub, attracting entrepreneurs and businesses from all over the world. With its strategic location, business-friendly environment, and world-class infrastructure, Dubai offers immense opportunities for importers looking to source products from international markets. Among the top countries that Dubai imports from, China holds a significant position due to its extensive manufacturing capabilities and competitive prices. This article will guide you through the process of importing goods from China to Dubai, outlining essential steps and considerations for a successful and hassle-free importation journey.

Are you planning to import products to the Dubai from China? We want to make importing from China to the Dubai as easy and straightforward as possible for your business. For this reason, we’ve gathered crucial information regarding duties and other import taxes, product regulations, labeling requirements, air & sea shipping, and ports, right here on this page.

How to import from china to Dubai

Modes of Shipping From China to Dubai, UAE

Air Shipping from China to Dubai

How to import from china to Dubai? If you are looking for express service or faster delivery to Dubai, then air freight should be your best bet, obviously. But, remember, air freight can be quite expensive. It is worthy to note that faster transit time is not just the reason to opt for air freight, it depends on many other variables. There are many airports in China that provide air freight between China and Dubai, the transit time also depends on which airport you are choosing to ship from.

For Faster delivery – Though the flight time from China to Dubai is just a few hours, air freight could take anywhere between 2 days to 10 days. This is generally due to time taken by other preparatory factors like –

Airport in China from where cargo will be loaded

Availability and booking of cargo space in the carrier

Transporting goods from warehouse / factory to specified airport

Loading and unloading freight

Custom clearance process

Security Check process

– Type of Goods – The type of goods to be sent from China to Dubai also plays an important role in determining the mode of shipping. Cases where goods are fragile, perishable, have high season demand, or need immediate replenishment – air freight makes perfect sense.

Goods Handling – We all know, in air freight the handling points for goods are far lesser as compared to sea freight. Cases where goods are delicate, air freight is preferred.

More Security – Security checks and procedures are stricter at airports. Goods that are delicate and are of high value are usually shipped by air.

Sea Shipping from China to Dubai

How to import from china to Dubai? If time is not a cause of concern and if you are looking to ship larger volumes, then sea freight would be preferable as it cost effective, as compared to air freight. Sea shipping from China to Dubai can be done either through FCL (Full Container Load) or LCL (Less that Container Load).

FCL is considered when the volume of  goods is enough to fill an entire 20 ft or 40 ft container. IN this case, FCL can prove to be cost effective. FCL is also faster as compared to LCL shipments – as you have the containers exclusively to yourself.

LCL is considered when your goods share space with that of others in a single container. When your shipments are smaller in size and volume of your goods is not enough to fill an entire container, LCL is considered. This is cost effective, as you are charged only for the space you occupy. It is important to note that typically, LCL takes longer to reach compared to FCL – as it requires additional handling, consolidation, deconsolidation and logistics.

Economical on Pocket – As compared to air freight, sea freight is rather economical, specially in cases where goods weight more than 100 kgs. Opting for either FCL or LCL will cost you far lesser depending on the size, volume and type of goods you are looking to ship.

Transit Time Is Not A Concern – Sea freight from China to Dubai usually takes 20 days to 38 days, depending on the sea port and your choose to ship from. There are more than 20 sea ports in China. When your shipment is not time sensitive, extra delicate and required to be delivered asap, then sea freight should be your best bet.

Goods are heavy or of high volume – For goods that are heavier on volume and size, or that need to be shipped in bulk, sea freight should be preferred.

How to import from china to Dubai

What ports are there for importing from China to Dubai?

1. Jebel Ali Port: Jebel Ali Port is one of the largest and busiest ports in the world and plays a crucial role in Dubai’s trade and logistics sector. It is operated by DP World, a global port operator. Jebel Ali Port is strategically located along the western side of Dubai and has extensive facilities for container handling and general cargo. The port is well-connected to major shipping routes, making it an ideal choice for importing goods from China to Dubai. It offers efficient customs clearance processes and world-class infrastructure to handle large volumes of cargo.

2. Port Rashid: Port Rashid is another significant port in Dubai and is situated closer to the city center. While it primarily focuses on cruise ships and passenger traffic, it also handles general cargo and containerized goods. Port Rashid is especially useful for importers with shipments requiring easy access to the heart of Dubai.

What are the import taxes for importing from China to Dubai?

How to import from china to Dubai? As of my last update in September 2021, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), including Dubai, does not have a general import tax. Instead, it relies on customs duties and tariffs to generate revenue from imports. The UAE applies a 5% customs duty on the Cost, Insurance, and Freight (CIF) value of most imported goods.

However, it’s important to note that specific products may be subject to additional taxes, such as excise duties or value-added tax (VAT), depending on their nature and usage. VAT was introduced in the UAE in 2018, and it applies to most goods and services at a standard rate of 5%. Some goods, such as essential food items and healthcare services, may be exempt or subject to a reduced rate.

Customs duties, VAT, and other taxes are subject to change, so it is essential to stay updated with the latest regulations from the UAE government’s official sources, such as the UAE Ministry of Finance or the Federal Tax Authority (FTA).

When importing goods from China to Dubai, it is recommended to work with a customs broker or clearing agent who can assist with customs clearance and provide accurate information on applicable duties and taxes for your specific goods.

Please keep in mind that tax and customs regulations may have evolved since my last update in September 2021, I therefore recommend consulting Basenton Freight Forwarder Professional Advice for the latest information on import duties and duties for imports from China to Dubai in 2023.

How to import from china to Dubai

What are the requirements for import products to the Dubai from China?

How to import from china to Dubai? Importing products to Dubai from China involves several requirements and regulations to ensure smooth customs clearance and compliance with local laws. The specific requirements may vary depending on the nature of the products being imported, but here are some common steps and considerations:

1. Business Registration: Before importing goods, you need to register your company with the relevant authorities in Dubai. This involves obtaining a trade license and registering your business with the Department of Economic Development (DED) or the relevant free zone authority.

2. Importer Code: You will need to obtain an Importer Code from Dubai Customs. This code is essential for all businesses engaged in importing goods.

3. Product Compliance: Ensure that the products you are importing comply with the relevant standards and regulations in Dubai. Certain products may require additional certifications, testing, or approvals.

4. Customs Documentation: Prepare all necessary customs documentation, including the commercial invoice, packing list, bill of lading/airway bill, and any other required certificates or permits.

5. Customs Duties and Taxes: Dubai has a duty system, and the customs duties and taxes may vary based on the type of product and its value. Make sure to research and understand the applicable duties and taxes for your specific products.

6. Restricted and Prohibited Items: Be aware of the items that are restricted or prohibited from importation into Dubai. Some goods may require special permits or may be completely banned.

7. Trademarks and Intellectual Property: Ensure that your products do not violate any trademarks or intellectual property rights. Counterfeit goods are strictly prohibited and can lead to legal consequences.

8. Packaging and Labeling: Products should be appropriately labeled and packaged according to local regulations and standards.

9. Shipping and Logistics: Choose a reliable shipping and logistics company to transport your goods from China to Dubai. Consider factors like shipping time, cost, and handling of customs clearance.

10. Inspections and Quarantine: Some products may be subject to inspection or quarantine upon arrival in Dubai. Be prepared for any inspections that may occur.

11. VAT Registration: Depending on your business turnover, you may need to register for Value Added Tax (VAT) in the UAE.

How to import from china to Dubai

How Freight Forwarders Can Facilitate Imports from China to Dubai

How to import from china to Dubai? It is important to understand the shipping options available and the customs clearance process for your goods imported from China to Dubai. It is important to understand the documents required for the customs clearance process and have them ready to avoid any delays or loss during the customs clearance process. A freight forwarder like Basenton Logistics has extensive experience on the ground importing goods from China to Dubai and can provide you with the most suitable option based on your logistics needs. You can also ask your freight forwarder to provide you with air and sea freight quotes and choose which one is more suitable.

For any of your upcoming shipments from China to Dubai or UAE, contact us!

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