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How to Replenish Goods During the Shipping Process

Recently, shipping, air, railway, and express delivery have all been raising prices, exploding warehouses, and arranging warehouses. Such outrageous price increases are almost catching up with the outbreak. For example, shipping containers on the U.S. line are as high as $10,000+, and U.S. air freight containers The counter is close to 70 yuan/KG, the red bill is 68 yuan/KG, and the price of DHL in Hong Kong has also risen to 60+ yuan/KG…

Global logistics will be paralyzed! How to replenish? ! According to the freight forwarder, the shipping space of the US line has been lined up until September, and it is difficult to find a container, which has exceeded the peak at the end of last year. Many sellers shouted, “Sea, air, rail, Qatar Airways, and express are all increasing in price!”

Traffic jams and rising prices have blown us apart. The sudden surge in logistics and the sharp drop in profits made cross-border business more and more difficult. As a result, the entire international logistics provider had a chain reaction, causing all cargo owners and forwarders to laugh or cry.

1. The cargo compartment is tense

Whether in Hong Kong or mainland China, many international logistics cargo planes have been chartered by major electronics companies such as Apple and Samsung. Coupled with the export of domestic vaccines, they have taken up a large number of positions, making the originally tight positions even more tense. The bears have all broken 6 so far and may even break 7 next week. In addition, last week, the cargo at Hong Kong Airport caught fire. Now the airport is under strict control, the time limit will naturally be greatly slowed down.

2. The three major express companies burst their warehouses

The three major express delivery companies have a tendency to liquidate their warehouses, especially the overloaded DHL logistics system in Hong Kong. Therefore, DHL in Hong Kong began to lighten up its warehouses, limit production, and increase prices. DHL not only increased prices because of the liquidation of warehouses, but also greatly reduced the time limit. . There are also sellers who send DHL and pick up the goods from Hong Kong after 9 days, and there are even sellers who have not shipped the goods for nearly two weeks. This situation is very common at this stage.

3. There is a shortage of containers and the sea transportation is congested

The West Los Angeles-Long Beach port is still congested. A series of abnormal events caused by the joint strike of Los Angeles dockworkers and truck drivers, the Suez Canal accident, etc., have caused a serious crisis of container shortages and have a knock-on effect on the supply chain, especially in the United States. and container congestion in European ports, resulting in a very serious shortage of containers.

4. European railways are congested, whether land transportation has become the main mode of transportation, and the aging of railway lines is relatively slow. Land transportation is currently the main recommended channel for freight forwarding. The aging-related aspects are relatively stable, and prices have not risen much. Oceans and railways are facing ” Collapse”, the price of air freight may continue to rise, and the second half of China-Europe land transportation may not escape fate!

Later, the land transportation situation in Europe may not be optimistic. Alashankou, Baktu, Horgos and other places may face the problem of slow exit or inability to enter the country, and the prices of various European routes are also soaring. More logistics related information can be Consult the corresponding freight forwarder. At present, it is best for sellers to plan shipments 20-30 days in advance, leaving enough time to avoid out-of-stocks. Especially before and after May 1st, the space is much tighter, so everyone should stock up as early as possible.

5. How to replenish?

Stock up in advance! Anyone who needs to store and sell their products in the warehouse must make preparations in advance. This is an eternal truth. You can’t wait until the stock is insufficient or there is no stock to stock up. At this time, the logistics is constantly impacted, the delivery of goods is not on time, and problems such as arranging warehouses will occur. At this time, the speed of logistics will be relatively slow.

The stocking cycle is affected by factors such as product sales volume, procurement time, and transportation and logistics timeliness. To know your real inventory, set an approximate stocking date based on the past sales volume of the product and the average daily sales volume. If your product is hot, then you must ensure that there is enough inventory in the FBA warehouse for sales, for example Inventory sales for a month or half a month. Also consider the shipping time, purchasing time, product warehousing time and so on.

Comprehensive consideration: available inventory + logistics and transportation time + procurement time + delivery time. The dead formula must be calculated and optimized according to your actual situation. Every time you stock up and deliver, you can make statistical records as a reference to save your time.

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