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How to Safely Pack a Shipping Container

Buying or importing a large number of products, raw materials, and machinery now requires long-distance shipping. At this time, for some equipment that needs to be protected, packaging is particularly important.

China freight forwarder
China freight forwarder

It is recommended to check the interior before packing

1. The container must be clean and free of debris, obstructions, dents or bumps inside and no previous cargo.

2. The interior of the container should be dry, free of sweat, frost, etc. Check for signs of pests, rodents, bacteria and fungi, which will avoid delays by port health authorities.

3. Immediately after opening the door, check whether the container is free of contamination and odor.

4. To check that the container is waterproof, enter the container and lock the door behind you, if you can see any light spots from the paneling and container floor, you need to replace the container.

It is recommended to check the exterior before packing

1. There should be no broken or twisted door hinges or locks, the door must be secure, and the door gasket should be checked to see if it is waterproof when closed.

2. The outer panel should not have obvious holes, dents, protrusions and tears.

3. Check whether the hoisting accessories in each corner of the container are damaged. Look at the accessories that secure the container to the trailer chassis and check for damage.

4. In the case of an open top container, please check that the provided fabric cover is in good condition and properly secured. Any labels (such as hazmat labels) from previous cargo on the outside of the container must be removed. For refrigerated containers, check the item’s temperature setting.

5. Check that all accessories such as cargo tie-down splints or rings are well secured and in good condition.

6. Make sure that the vents are not blocked, and are equipped with baffles to prevent rain and sea water from entering.

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