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How to ship medical devices from China to UAE

Shipping medical devices from China to the UAE is a meticulous process that requires full consideration of regulatory compliance, logistical complexities, and safety standards. This comprehensive guide explains how to Shipping from China to UAE.

Shipping from China to UAE

What Are The Medical Devices?

Medical devices are usually equipment used to diagnose, prevent, and treat diseases. It is generally used in medical places and some household equipment. What are the common medical devices?

  1. Home health care equipment
    Pain massage equipment, home health self-testing equipment, electronic thermometers, multi-functional treatment equipment, laser treatment equipment, blood glucose meters, diabetes treatment equipment, vision improvement equipment, sleep improvement equipment, oral hygiene products, home emergency treatment products .
  2. Health massage products
    Electric massage chair/bed, massage stick, massage hammer, massage pillow, massage cushion, massage belt, blood circulation machine, foot bath, foot massager, handheld massager, massage bathtub, fat removal belt, treatment instrument, foot massager Physical therapy instrument, slimming belt, car seat cushion, kneading mat, massage chair, breast enlargement device, beauty massager.
  3. Medical rehabilitation equipment
    Household cervical and lumbar traction devices, traction chairs, physiotherapy instruments, sleep instruments, massagers, functional chairs, functional beds, supports, medical inflatable air cushions, oxygen concentrators, medicine decoction devices, hearing aids, etc.
medical devices

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Time and cost of shipping medical equipment from China to UAE via air and sea freight

Sea freight From China To UAE

If you prefer a slower, more cost-effective shipping option, our sea freight shipping service might be right for you. We have established strong partnerships with ocean freight carriers (OOCL, COSCO, WHL, EMC, ESL, HMM, YML ETC), , allowing us to offer affordable rates and reliable sea freight shipping services. We offer both full container load (FCL) and less-than-container load (LCL) options for shipments of all sizes. 

Air freight From China To UAE

Air freight, on the other hand, is a faster and more expensive alternative than sea freight. It is best suited for transporting time-sensitive cargo such as perishable goods, electronics, medical supplies and high-value products that require faster delivery times. Air freight also offers greater flexibility in terms of delivery location, as air cargo can be transported to most major cities in the world.

Shipping From China To USA


LoadTransit timePrice
20′ Container29-39 days$3058-$4077
40′ Container29-39 days$3940-$5254
40’HC29-39 days$3940-$5254
45’HC29-39 days$4332-$5776


LoadTransit timePrice
100 kg6-10 days$919-$1225
300 kg6-10 days$1846-$2461
500 kg6-10 days$2513-$3351

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Shipping medical devices from China to the UAE still needs to be understood

Choose a reliable China freight forwarder:
Choose a China freight forwarder with extensive experience and a good reputation in handling medical equipment shipments. They should understand regulations, proper handling procedures and established networks.

Basenton Logistics has rich experience in shipping medical equipment from China to UAE and can serve you well.

Shipping from China to UAE

Prepare all necessary documents including:
Commercial Invoice: Details the value and description of the medical device.
Packing List: Itemize each piece of equipment in the shipment.
Certificate of Origin: Confirms the origin of the goods.
Bill of Lading: Serves as receipt and document of ownership for goods.

Standards compliant:
Ensure medical equipment complies with UAE standards and regulations. This may involve obtaining specific certification or approval from the relevant health authorities.

Pack medical equipment properly to prevent damage during transportation. Follow international standards for packaging sensitive and fragile items.

customs clearance:
Work with a customs broker or your freight forwarder to facilitate the customs clearance process in the UAE. Provide all necessary documents to customs authorities.

Routes and ports:
Determine the shipping routes and ports that are best for your shipment. The main ports in the UAE include Jebel Ali Port (Dubai), Khalifa Port (Abu Dhabi), etc.

Consider purchasing insurance for your shipment to protect against potential loss or damage during shipping. Check coverage and terms with your insurance company.

Stay informed of any changes in regulations or procedures related to the import of medical devices into the UAE.
Working with experienced professionals, including freight forwarders, customs brokers and logistics experts, will help streamline the process and ensure compliance with all relevant regulations. Always stay up to date on the latest requirements to facilitate a successful, smooth shipping process.

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