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Import And Customs Clearance From China To Morocco

With global trade on the rise, shipping from China to Morocco has become a vital part of economic activity. According to the data, total imports from China to Morocco amounted to about $534.9 million in December 2022, indicating the important role played by China in the Moroccan market.

However, shipping from China to Morocco can be challenging due to the 8,456 nautical miles nautical distance. However, thanks to modern technology and improvements in logistics, it is now possible to ship goods efficiently and cost-effectively.

Import And Customs Clearance From China To Morocco

However, you should be aware of potential challenges, including shipping delays and customs costs. But with good planning and a clear understanding of laws and regulations, you can avoid these obstacles and achieve success in the Moroccan market.

In this article, we’ll explore in depth how to achieve this success, and provide practical advice for companies that want to improve their shipping processes. Whether you’re running a small or large business, this article will give you the tools you need to succeed shipping from China to Morocco.

Customs clearance From China To Morocco… Conditions, Requirements and Procedures

If you are planning to import goods from China to Morocco, understanding the Moroccan customs procedures, terms and requirements is crucial, but let’s first start with the import requirements, as it is your first step.

Conditions for importing from China to Morocco

If you are planning to import into this wonderful country, here are some important points that you should know:

Required Documents

  • Commercial Invoice: Make sure you have signed and stamped the commercial invoice. This is an important step that cannot be ignored.
  • Packing list: Don’t forget to include the packing list in your documentation.
  • Certificate of Origin: This certificate proves where the goods came from.

Customs value

Morocco follows a customs value system that complies with the World Trade Organization’s Customs Valuation Agreement. So, make sure that you calculate the customs value based on the price that was paid or that must be paid when exporting the goods to Morocco.

When importing goods from China to Morocco, you should be aware that this process is subject to customs duties. As a general rule, a customs duty of 0% to 100% is paid on the value of the CIF shipment. In addition, you will need to pay value-added tax (VAT) between 0% and 25%. This tax is calculated on the total value of imports in the CIF system plus customs duties. In the case of imports from China, there may be additional duties.

In short, most goods imported into Morocco from China are subject to duties and taxes. These prices vary based on the type of product you wish to import into Morocco. Typical prices are:

  • Duties and taxes range from 0% to 100%
  • VAT ranges from 0% to 25%

Special Licenses

  • Agricultural products: If you plan to export agricultural products, you will need an import license from the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.
  • Health Products and Pharmaceuticals: You need an import license from the Ministry of Health for these types of products.
  • Products that require special import licenses: You will need an import license from the Ministry of Industry, Trade, Investment and Digital Economy.

Pre-inspection of shipments

Morocco has a pre-inspection system for imported shipments. This system is implemented by Cotecna, which provides inspection certificate to importers. So, make sure you have this certificate before importing.

Now you are ready to start your business journey with Morocco! Remember, pre-preparation is the key to a successful import.

Import And Customs Clearance From China To Morocco

Procedures and documents necessary for customs clearance

To ensure that goods will pass smoothly across borders, you must provide a set of specific documents that comply with local and international laws and regulations.

Documents required for customs clearance From China To Morocco:

To import into Morocco from China, you must submit the commercial invoice translated into English and the detailed packing list, which must indicate the details of the quantity, product type and shipping location, and then submit the following documents to the customs in Morocco:

Imports from China must contain the following documents:

  • Statement of loaded goods, which is used for import, release and tax purposes.
  • Tax identification number in Morocco.
  • The location of the customs item and the commodity.
  • Register as an importer in Morocco.
  • Declaration of the value of Moroccan customs.
  • Debt-free in Morocco.
  • Transfer of inventory to Morocco from China (simple version).
  • Obtaining a commercial patent or company in Morocco must indicate that you are dedicated to importing from China.
  • Vito-export certificate from China (simple copy).
  • Proof of economic capacity in Morocco.
  • Define the terms of the Incoterms agreement for import.
  • Find a good customs agent in Morocco.
  • The shipping company’s original shipping manifest, maritime declaration or aerial declaration.
  • Packing list.
  • Commercial invoice.
  • Certificate of Shared Value and Origin from China (CCVO).
  • Power of attorney authorizes your customs agent to carry out import customs procedures on your behalf in Morocco.

Customs clearance procedures From China To Morocco

As an importer in Morocco, there are several steps you must follow to ensure a smooth and successful customs clearance process:

  1. Submit the customs declaration: First, you will need to submit a customs declaration containing the details of the goods you wish to import. You can submit this statement electronically or by hand, but make sure that the information provided is accurate and complete to avoid any delays or problems.
  2. Customs inspection: After submitting the customs declaration, customs will inspect your goods. This inspection is aimed at verifying the authenticity of the information provided in the customs declaration and may include the examination of goods and verification of attached documents.
  3. Payment of customs duties and taxes: Based on the results of the inspection, customs will calculate duties and taxes due on your goods. You will have to pay these duties and taxes before customs clearance of your goods takes place.

Remember, customs clearance is an important legal process and must be taken seriously. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact Moroccan customs or consult a customs expert.

Article summary

The article deals with the process of shipping from China to Morocco, with a focus on customs clearance and associated procedures. The required documents, customs value, special licenses, and pre-inspection of shipments were clarified as part of the customs clearance process.

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Finally, we provided information about the different shipping companies that offer shipping services from China to Morocco.

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