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Import and Customs Clearance from China to Oman

Shipping from China to Oman

In 2021, the value of trade between China and Oman exceeded 12 billion dollars, which highlights the great importance of this trade relationship. Omani companies interested in importing from China face several challenges, including shipping, customs clearance, and ensuring compliance with standards and product quality.

However, by providing the right advice and guidance, this process can be simplified and made more effective. This guide is designed to provide you with the information needed to make it happen, from how to ship from China to Oman, to the challenges you may face and the best ways to overcome them.

Customs clearance in the Sultanate of Oman. Conditions, Requirements and Procedures

Customs clearance in the Sultanate of Oman. Conditions, Requirements and Procedures

Customs clearance in Oman is a complex process that requires adherence to a set of conditions and requirements. The following paragraphs include the necessary procedures to facilitate the customs clearance process and ensure its compliance with local laws. But first let’s start with the import conditions.

Conditions of import from China to Oman

Terms and requirements change depending on whether you import goods under your own company name or use a third import services company. In each of these contexts, there is a set of specific requirements that companies must comply with.

In the first context, if you import in the name of your company, you will be responsible for operations from customs clearance to delivery of goods to the final location. These processes include obtaining appropriate licenses, ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations, and paying appropriate customs duties. The specific conditions are as follows:

  • Provides the company’s commercial registration certificate and tax identification number.
  • Oman Chamber of Industry and Commerce (OCCI) membership: Make sure your certificate is valid.
  • The imported goods must conform to the technical specifications and standards recognized in the Sultanate of Oman.
  • Pay appropriate customs duties and taxes upon arrival of goods at the port or airport in Oman.

Customs clearance procedures in Oman

Customs clearance procedures in Oman

Customs clearance procedures in Oman require several consecutive and intertwined steps. The process begins with the submission of a customs clearance application, which is a document that includes the details of imported or exported goods. The application must include the required documents, such as the commercial invoice, the bill of lading, and the original certificate of the goods.

After that, the goods are inspected by the competent government authorities to ensure that they match the information provided in the application. At this stage, customs duties and taxes payable are determined based on the type and value of the goods.

Once the duties are determined, the importer or exporter must pay them to the government. These fees contribute to supporting the national economy and financing government services.

After payment, a customs clearance declaration is issued, which is the official document that proves that the goods have been properly processed and that all duties and taxes have been paid.

Finally, the goods are picked up and picked up from the port or airport. At this stage, the goods are delivered to the importer or exporter, and the process is closed.

Documents required for customs clearance in Oman

  • A certified copy of the commercial registration and activity form or permission to import in the absence of this form.
  • A valid copy of the certificate of affiliation with the Oman Chamber of Industry and Commerce (OCIC).
  • Valid certificate from the manufacturer.
  • Valid price list.
  • Packaging lists.
  • Bill of lading at sea and air customs offices only.
  • Shipment manifest (document containing a detailed description of the shipment).
  • Delivery permission from the shipping agent.
  • A valid comprehensive written authorization from the person responsible for customs clearance.
  • Fill out the import declaration and the form of clearance and classification of goods in accordance with the applicable system with other required documents, which must be submitted to whom it may concern.
  • In the absence of a valid purchase invoice or certificate from the manufacturer, the clearance will be at a cost of OMR 20 to be paid in cash. This amount can be refunded if the required documents are submitted within 90 days from the date of payment.
  • Provide approval from the authority responsible for restricted goods only.
  • Pay taxes and customs duties required for the total value of the shipment including cargo and insurance (CIF).
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