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Import and Customs Clearance Shipping from China to Yemen

The first step to successfully complete shipping from China to Yemen is a comprehensive understanding of the logistics landscape, starting with identifying reliable shipping companies and shipping methods available in light of the obstacles and challenges faced by Yemen;

Before talking about shipping, you should know the requirements and procedures necessary to get rid of obstacles and errors that can occur in shipping. In this article, we will talk about the procedures needed to ship from China to Yemen.

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Importing from China to Yemen: Terms and Requirements

The import process from China to Yemen requires adherence to a set of conditions and guidelines, depending on the type of product to be imported and the purpose for which the import method is made. It is worth noting that compliance with local laws and regulations in both Yemen and China is essential.

When importing in your company name

If you want to import in the name of your company, let us give you an overview of some basic conditions that must be adhered to when importing products from China to Yemen. Therefore, before you import to Yemen, inquire from the authority to which the region to which you want to ship the goods is subject of the import requirements, but in the standard current they are as follows:

  • Register with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in Yemen and secure the appropriate import license.
  • Get an international trade invoice, cargo shipping documents, and a bill of lading.
  • Provide all documents required for customs and tax procedures.
  • Compliance with technical standards and quality requirements related to products.
  • In case of need, obtain certificates of conformity and health and industrial examination.
  • Compliance with local and international regulations and laws related to trade, import and export.

For more information or assistance, you can contact the Embassy of Yemen in China or the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of Yemen.

When using an import company for others

If you want to import through an intermediary company, a so-called import company for others, or a shipping company that provides door-to-door service, all you need:

  • Decide what you wish to import: Your statement must be accurate and clear so that the company can meet your needs in the best way.
  • Import company selection and agency: Choose a reliable company that provides complete services from supplier selection and negotiation to shipping and customs clearance
  • Choose the most suitable offers offered by the intermediate import company: The company will search for the available offers and present them to you. It remains for you to choose the most suitable offer.
  • Pickup at customs or warehouses

Customs clearance when shipping from China to Yemen

If you do not want to hire an importing company or a shipping company, you will have to prepare the documents for the customs clearance process, here is the list of documents needed when shipping from China to Yemen:

  1. The original delivery order issued by the carrier company upon import by sea and air, the export declaration issued by the neighboring country from which the goods are imported, or the transit declaration for goods transported by land imported from non-neighboring Arab or foreign countries.
  2. Copy of bill of lading: This document proves that the goods have been transported and are in good condition.
  3. Original commercial invoice: It must be attested by the Chamber of Commerce in the country from which the certificate was issued, and also certified by Yemeni diplomatic missions.
  4. Certificate of origin of the goods: If the goods are commodities subject to the Arab Free Trade Agreement, the certificate must be according to the Arab League form.
  5. Packing list: shows the number of parcels, their marks, numbers, and their gross and net weight according to the nature of the commodity.
  6. Translate the content of documents into Arabic when necessary.
  7. A copy of the insurance policy or policy.
  8. Health, agricultural or veterinary certificates, weighing or fumigation certificates for goods whose quality requires the submission of such certificates.

These were the necessary documents and now let me review with you the practical steps of customs clearance.

Customs clearance procedures in Yemen

As I told you in the section on import requirements to Yemen, the laws and procedures vary, depending on who controls the region, but ideally there are practical steps to follow for customs clearance procedures. Let’s highlight these steps:

  1. Container arrival at port: Containers are unloaded as soon as they arrive at the port, and this process takes one to two days.
  2. Contracting with a customs broker: The customs broker is the person responsible for handling all customs clearance procedures.
  3. Withdrawal of delivery authorization from the shipping agent: This procedure is carried out by the customs broker.
  4. Submit the customs value declaration form: The customs broker submits this form based on the invoices submitted.
  5. Commodity Inspection: Representatives from customs authorities are sent to inspect the commodity and assess its value.
  6. Payment of customs tax and offer expenses: This step is done by the customs broker.
  7. Contracting with an internal transport company: The shipment is loaded and passed through the detection rays before exiting the port.

This process usually takes between 5 to 7 business days if all goes normally and there are no irregularities related to your shipment. Just remember that advance preparation and good organization can make the customs clearance process run smoothly and efficiently.

So, make sure all the required documents are in place and properly prepared, and choose an experienced and trusted customs broker to assist in this process. Of course, make sure to comply with all customs rules and regulations to avoid any issues or delays you may encounter.

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