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Import from China to Dubai The main imported goods

For Import from China to Dubai, China and the United Arab Emirates mutually recognize the “authorized economic operator” (“aeo”) of each other’s customs, and provide customs clearance convenience for goods imported from each other’s aeo enterprises.

Among them, UAE Customs recognizes China Customs advanced certification enterprises as mutually recognized aeo enterprises, and China Customs recognizes enterprises certified by the UAE Customs aeo system as mutually recognized aeo enterprises.

Import from China to Dubai

When customs clearance of imported goods, the customs of China and Arab countries provide each other with the following customs clearance facilitation measures: apply a lower document review rate; apply a lower inspection rate for imported goods; give priority to inspection of goods that require physical inspection; designate Customs liaison officer, responsible for communicating and handling the problems encountered by aeo enterprises in customs clearance; priority customs clearance after international trade is interrupted and resumed.

Import from China to Dubai The main imported goods include textile raw materials and textile products, mechanical and electrical products, high-tech, textile and light industrial products.

There are many light industrial products, such as clothing, shoes and hats, bedding, toys, etc.The other is all kinds of building materials, such as marble, formwork, cement, steel, sanitary ware, valves, etc.

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