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Kingdom of Kuwait

The State of Kuwait (Arabic: دولة الكويت, English: The State of Kuwait), commonly known as Kuwait (Arabic: الكويت), is a monarchy in the north-eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula in the West Asia region, northwest of the Persian Gulf. The country covers an area of ​​17,718 square kilometers, bordering Saudi Arabia in the south, and Iraq in the north. Across the sea from Iran, it was once a British colony in history and was independent on June 19, 1961.

The total population of Kuwait is about 3.965 million (statistics in 2013). Among them, the Kuwaiti population is 1.243 million, accounting for 38% of the total. 40% are Arabs, and more than half of the expatriates of the Palestinians, Egyptians, Indians, and Pakistan. Islam is the state religion, 95% of the residents believe in Islam, of which about 70% are Sunni and 30% are Shia. Arabic is the official language, and general English.

Kuwaitis strictly follow the canon of Islam. They are afraid to deliver things or food in their left hand. They think that the right hand is clean and the left hand is dirty and squatting. So using the left hand is an unacceptable move. They are jealous of giving gifts when they meet for the first time. Especially the gift of wine or a woman’s photo, which is unacceptable to them. It is also rude to think that this is a violation of the canon. They are afraid of someone pointing their feet toward them. It is an action that is insulting to people. In the chat of social activities, taboos are raised to raise controversial topics in the Middle East.

The State of Kuwait

Kuwaiti women have always been very concerned about wearing and wearing different clothes on different occasions. Women’s clothing changes with age.

Kuwait is a state of ceremonies, warm and hospitable, honest and polite. There are many greetings and greetings, and there are different words and expressions at different timings and occasions. When you greet, you can say, “May God bless you” or “I hope peace will come to you.” Festival celebrations, weddings and funerals, promotion, and additions, each with a special set of congratulations and condolences, can not be used.

Kuwaitis are happy to be close to their friends. When walking, they are always used to holding the hands of friendship people and walking side by side. They think that this update is more friendly and has a loyalty to the friendship. When meeting with the guests, it is customary to say hello to the guests first, say “Salam Arakum” (hello), then give a handshake and say: “Kaifu Harak” (good health). In order to show more respect, in addition to shaking hands, sometimes kiss the nose and forehead.

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