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International Railway Cargo Transportation Knowledge

1.International railway cargo transportation

(1)The role of international railway cargo transportation

① Conducive to the development of trade with Eurasian countries.

② To facilitate trade with Hong Kong and Macao, and through Hong Kong entrepot trade.

③ It plays an important role in the distribution of import and export goods and the circulation of commodities between provinces and cities.

(2)Knowledge of railway cargo transportation

① Express the contract of carriage of goods is small goods China railway express waybill express goods contract since the operator to accept and respect the express waybill (door-to-door service from the shipper nominated address to accept express goods) to take effect, to express the goods shipped to the station or the shipper (consignee) designated address delivered to the consignee check fulfilled end point.

② The shipper shall have the right to require the operator will express goods shipped to the destination on schedule, when express pollution and loss of damage to the goods arrived in more than 20 days overdue can claim compensation to the shipper shall have the duty to pay transportation cost, complete and accurate fill in small goods of China railway express, abide by the relevant state laws and regulations of railway, maintain the security of railway transportation, due to the fault itself, thereby causing loss to the operator or other shipper the consignee should be liable for compensation.

Land transportation knowledge

③ The maximum weight of each item is generally not more than 50 kg. In excess of the cargo according to the overweight provisions. The volume shall be limited to luggage trolley suitable for loading of the train, but shall not be less than 0.01 cubic meters (the sum of the external dimensions, length, width and height shall not be less than 0.6m).

④ Less than 167kg per cubic meter for low degree and light weight blister cargo.

⑤ The lump sum fee for transporting the goods is calculated per kg in accordance with the specified mileage section. If the balance is less than 1 kg, the charging weight shall be determined on the basis of 1 kg. The express cargo is at least 200 km. The minimum chargeable weight per consignment is 5 kg. The minimum freight for each shipment is 10 yuan.

⑥ The comprehensive lump sum fee of railway express shall be paid by Angle, and the last number of less than 1 Angle shall be rounded. The lump sum fee includes: railway freight, service charge, storage and storage fee, handling fee, handling fee and delivery fee within the free delivery range.

⑦ When the goods are transported by insurance or insurance, the price can be stated separately or by the number of pieces in a batch. When handling according to batch, cannot protect one part only. The operator may check whether the declared price is consistent with the actual price. If the operator refuses the inspection, the operator may refuse to ship the goods at the guaranteed price or insurance.

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