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LCL and FCL from China to Kuwait

Learn about Options of Shipping from China to Kuwait

In 2018, China’s total trade with Kuwait was US $18.7 billion, making Kuwait the fifth largest trading partner among Arab countries. Both countries are committed to further business cooperation. This is good news if your enterprise has imported from China to Kuwait or plans to do so.

No matter what reason you are interested in the cost of exporting from China to Kuwait, this page is designed to inform you. You will learn more about transport costs and time, as well as an overview of major ports and airports in both countries. In addition, this page also provides guidance to help you choose sea and air shipping from China to Kuwait as your preferred way of business and supply chain.

Learn about Options of Shipping from China to Kuwait

Most enterprises choose to transport their commercial shipping from China to Kuwait by sea or air. This page describes the advantages and disadvantages of each mode of transportation.

Ocean Freight from China to Kuwait:

Less than container load (LCL): LCL is welcomed by enterprises that transport a small amount of imported goods shipping from China to Kuwait. By LCL shipping, your goods share container space with the goods transported to the same destination by other companies. If the volume of your goods is less than 14 cubic meters, LCL is probably the most economical way to transport containers shipping from China to Kuwait.

Full container load (FCL): If your goods are large enough to occupy at least six standard pallets, FCL may provide you with the most cost-effective way to export from China to Kuwait. Your goods will only use one container and will not be packed in the same container with other goods. You will pay the fixed cost of renting the container and shipping it from China to Kuwait.

Air Freight from China to Kuwait:

shipping from China to Kuwait

If speed is the most important and cost is not so important, air transportation is the best choice for importing from China to Kuwait. This is the fastest way to transport goods from the People’s Republic of China to the Middle East, but it is much more expensive than shipping.

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