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List of Goods Prohibited from Import and Export from Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has many strict laws that control incoming and outgoing goods when they move on the Saudi border areas, and the competent authorities have announced a list of prohibited items in Saudi customs from import and others from export.

To this end, advanced customs border control equipment has been set up at land and sea ports, and the Saudi authorities have imposed numerous penalties on those who enter goods considered prohibited by Saudi customs.

In order to avoid being subjected to such penalties and confiscating your goods, we review the following list of prohibited items at Saudi Customs, and the import or export of some items is either prohibited or requires special approval from the competent authorities, and we will separate them for you.


Goods prohibited from importing in Saudi Arabia

Food & Drink:

  1. The pig, its meat, fat, hair, blood, entrails and everything extracted from it.
  2. Frog meat.
  3. Nutmeg and its pure powder.
  4. Drugs of all kinds and forms.
  5. Qoro fruit (fruit that tastes bitter when chewed fresh, and smells similar to that of nutmeg fruits)
  6. Indian pan (green leaf imported from India).
  7. Any drink with the name Zamzam.
  8. Liquor and liqueur of all kinds.
  9. Shamma and Sweika (Shamma is a plant that is dried and ground, until it becomes a greenish-yellow powder, containing tobacco mixed with a white crystalline substance).
  10. Other food items that include animal blood.

Miscellaneous Merchandise:

  1. Asbestos (asbestos or lamianite) and its products.
  2. Industrial waste and hazardous waste: waste of pharmaceutical preparations, waste of chemical and related industries, municipal waste, sewage waste (mud).
  3. Raw natural organic fertilizers resulting from animal or plant origin.
  4. Fireworks used by children such as taratis, rockets, sulfur and night stars.
  5. Qur’ans for commercial purposes.
  6. Saudi Postage Stamps
  7. Gift notices are intended for use.
  8. White invoices addressed in the names of foreign companies abroad.
  9. Greeting cards with electrical circuit.
  10. Security vehicle radar detectors.
  11. Electronic Quran
  12. Remnants of war on Kuwait and Iraq of equipment and machinery.
  13. Goods and promotional materials for fumes of all kinds.
  14. Goods contaminated with radiation and nuclear dust (such as Trophy watches).

Mechanisms prohibited from importing and their accessories:

  1. Pneumatic exterior car tires, whether used or refurbished.
  2. Cars that have been used as taxis, police or classified (Salvage), and have previously been exposed to accidents such as drowning, fire, collision or… etc., regardless of the reason for importing them, even if the intention behind importing them is to dismantle and sell them as spare parts.
  3. Vehicles with a right steering wheel or whose steering wheel has been adjusted from right to left.
  4. Motorcycles equipped with two, three or four wheels, intended for children whose height does not exceed the axis of their wheels (50) cm, as well as motorcycles that operate on batteries, provided that their speed exceeds (10) km / h.
  5. Alarm devices for security vehicles that make alarm sounds or animal sounds.
  6. Remote control aircraft by remote control device and their spare parts.

Miscellaneous prohibited from importing:

  1. Binoculars that use an electrical circuit and emit a red light that appears directly on the target or an electrical circuit and emits a red light that appears on the lens inside the binoculars or rays for night vision.
  2. Firepistols in the form of a mobile phone, cigarette lighter or pen and knives (knives) in the form of a mobile phone, cigarette lighter, pager or pen. Etc.
  3. Pistols, stun guns and pistols similar in shape to a real pistol.
  4. Stuffed animals.
  5. Tools, machines and devices dedicated to gambling games of all kinds.
  6. Products of Israeli origin or bearing the emblems or flags of Israel.
  7. Models of the Kaaba, the cross, Christmas trees, electronic mihrab and any goods that contradict Islamic teachings.

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Restricted goods from import at Saudi Customs

  1. Dogs.
  2. Palm and palm shoots.
  3. Animal feed preparations.
  4. The following chemicals: sodium chloride, paraffin wax, ammonium, sodium nitrate, potassium chloride, gelatin, gunpowder salt, explosive materials, detonation or ignition capsule, ignition devices and electric detonators, safety wicks and detonation wicks, mineral oil, acrylic polymer, nitrocellulose powder and aluminum crusts, magnesium powder, X-ray devices to detect bags and luggage, and other radioactive sources.
  5. Chemicals.
  6. Veterinary vaccinations.
  7. Human medicines.
  8. Veterinary drugs.
  9. Agrochemical fertilizers.
  10. Fireworks for occasions and celebrations.
  11. Gunpowder, explosives, safety wicks, detonation wicks, flare-up or detonation capsules.
  12. Incoming pesticides for agricultural purposes.
  13. Woven military ranks and insignia, other military ranks and insignia, ready-made military vests knitted military suits, unworn protective vests, ready-made unhandled military uniforms, military caps, helmets, handcuffs, night binoculars, electric sticks for military sectors.
  14. Entry and exit devices and gates with magnetic cards and fingerprints, security surveillance cameras, CCTV systems, metal detectors and gates, luggage and luggage detectors, burglar alarms.
  15. Distillation or re-distillation devices.
  16. Machines and tools for manufacturing, repairing and copying all types of keys.
  17. Wireless image transmission devices.
  18. Wireless devices.
  19. Satellite Internet receivers.
  20. Prepaid mobile phone cards and chips.
  21. Armoured cars.
  22. Fishing boats.
  23. Weapons and ammunition.

Goods prohibited from export at Saudi Customs

  1. Female and male horses of Arab origin
  2. Females and males other horses
  3. Female and male horses for sports
  4. Females and males small-bodied horses Bonnie
  5. Females and males of cows
  6. Females and males of sheep and goats
  7. Females and males of camels.
  8. Green fodder including hay.
  9. Zamzam water.
  10. Firewood.
  11. Antiquities, artifacts and historical.
  12. Wheat
List of Goods Prohibited from Import and Export from Saudi Arabia

Restricted goods from export:

  1. Horses: purebred Arabian, sports horses, small-bodied horses.
  2. Barley, maize, sorghum, flour, soybeans, infant formula (substitute for breast milk) not content on cocoa, infant formula (substitute for breast milk) content of at least 5% cocoa.
  3. Nature Mining Products
  4. Fuel.
  5. Radioactive materials.
  6. Ozone-depleting substances
  7. Bottled gas cylinders.
  8. Agricultural equipment
  9. Wildlife and its products.
  10. Scrap iron.

The difference between prohibited goods and restricted goods is that prohibited goods are prohibited by the State from importing or exporting them based on the provisions of the Unified Customs Law or any law or regulation in force in the State. Restricted goods are goods whose import or export is restricted under the provisions of the Customs Law or any other law or regulation in force in the State, and they are released only with approval issued by the competent authority. So, dear reader, if you want to import any of the restricted goods, you must prepare the approval in advance.

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