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Logistics Delivery Process

Logistics delivery is to use the logistics company to send the goods to you through legal channels:

1. According to the customer’s delivery instructions, the logistics distribution center will make the corresponding delivery processing according to the inventory situation.

2. According to the distribution planning system, the vehicle, personnel, and outbound processing will be automatically performed.

3. According to the selected factors, the special person is responsible for the distribution of the goods, which can be divided into automatic distribution and manual distribution. The purpose is to make more efficient use of the resources of the logistics company.

4. According to the arrangement results of the system, manual adjustments are made according to actual conditions.

5. After the arrangement, the system will print out the picking list according to the optimization principle set by the logistics company according to the location (location) of the goods.

6. The carrier picks up the goods according to the pick list, and the warehouse handles the corresponding outbound processing.

7. After the loading is completed, the corresponding delivery note is printed according to the number of customers sent.

8. The vehicle can be monitored at any time through the GPS vehicle positioning system during transportation, and the information can be communicated in time.

9. After the goods arrive at the destination, they are confirmed by the shipper and confirmed by the one-way logistics distribution center.

10. Generate all required statistical analysis data and financial settlements, and generate receivables and payables.

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