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Methods of Release the Sea Shipping


That is the abbreviation of telegraph delivery. The bill of lading information is sent to the port of destination shipping company by electronic message or electronic information form, and the consignee can exchange the bill of lading with the electronic bill of lading and the electric discharge guarantee letter;

Methods of Release the sea shipment

2.Original BL

The original bill of lading issued by the shipping company; it is a property certificate, the consignee extracts the goods accordingly, it can be transferred by endorsement, is an important document; SHIPPER will get the original bill of lading from the freight forwarding, after scanning to CNEE, the agent will pay , SHIPPER will then send the whole set of bills of lading to CNEE, CNEE exchanges the bill of lading with the original bill of lading; the bill of lading is used more

The advantage is that it is convenient for the buyer to pick up the goods, simplify the procedures and save the cost;  


Once SWB is released, the cargo rights are transferred from SHIPPER to CNEE, which means that CNEE can go directly to pick up the goods. SWB picks up the goods without the original and does not need the electricity charge. For the trusted company, this kind of delivery form can be adopted;

The advantage lies in the quick delivery, fast delivery, convenient and fast, and is mostly used for:

(1)After receiving the payment, the shipping order can be issued.

(2)Multinational company, China is the subsidiary company responsible for purchasing the foreign parent company for the convenience of delivery. You can get a sea waybill.

The disadvantage is that there is generally no way to HOLD goods.

4.Destination port release:

That is to say the meaning of the goods; this way of placing the order is used less, in the following special circumstances, this kind of release situation will be used:

If the bill of lading is lost, the consignor writes a letter of guarantee to the shipping company or the agent to place the order to the consignee;The bill of lading is late, and the goods arrive. In order to pick up the goods earlier, you can also take a letter of guarantee to release the goods.

In the absence of special circumstances, this method is generally not used;

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