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Shipping from China to UAE By Sea Freight or Air Freight

Shipping from China to UAE by Ocean Freight

Most commercial goods shipping from China to UAE is by sea via cargo ships. The type of shipping container you need depends on the nature of the goods. When you provide shipping details, your freight forwarder may recommend a super-high, half-height, refrigerated, open-top or flat-frame container.

Your goods can be transported from China’s port to the destination of the United Arab Emirates by LCL or LCL, and packed in a 20-foot or 40-foot container.

Shipping from China to UAE by LCL freight

LCL will see the freight of your goods shipping from China to UAE in shared containers, as well as other international importers and exporters. LCL is a popular choice. For enterprises with small consignments, it can transport goods with a total capacity of less than 33 cubic meters of the minimum container.

LCL usually takes longer than FCL (figure below), because combining your goods with other goods requires additional logistics. You should also know that LCL needs a lot of processing, so you must carefully and safely load the goods in the container from China to Dubai. Also consider the potential risk that this additional treatment may cause to perishable or fragile goods.

Shipping from China to UAE

Shipping from China to UAE by FCL freight

If you want a container dedicated to your shipment, FCL is a good choice. This may be your most cost-effective transportation option, as long as you have enough goods to fill six or more standard pallets in a 20-foot container, or 12 or more pallets in a 40-foot container. Unlike LCL, it will not be merged in China, nor will it be cancelled in the United Arab Emirates. Therefore, if your goods are exquisite, it will reassure you to handle your goods less. Unless otherwise specified by the customs officials of China or Dubai, your goods will be sealed in containers from the place of departure to the destination.

Shipping from China to UAE by Air Freight

Shipping from China to UAE, there is no faster way than air freight. The freight forwarder can transport your goods from China to the UAE airport within seven days. If your goods are perishable or fragile, if you choose sea transportation, air freight may be better than sea transportation.

But in addition to the faster travel time, there are other reasons that will induce you to load the pallets onto the aircraft instead of the cargo ship:

· Less handling – no LCL or FCL for air cargo

· More secure – airlines have stricter security procedures than maritime shippers

· Cheaper insurance – shorter transport times usually mean lower premiums

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