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What is Sea Freight?
Large-scale cargo transportation through carrier ships is known as “sea freight.” After being packaged in containers, the goods are put onto a vessel. Since a typical cargo ship can carry up to 18,000 containers, shipping goods by sea is an economical way to move large amounts over long distances. Transporting maritime freight can be done in a variety of ways.​

Considerations for International Ocean Freight Shipping
As one of the leading China Ocean Freight Forwarderes & Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrieres (NVOCC No:MOC-NV09845), we have close partnerships with shipping lines to offer frequent, competitive services for ocean freight containeres fm all major port of China, handles all conventional cargo transportation, and provide ocean freight services from China to worldwide as well as a trusted and flexible one-stop solution for our customers for both Full Container Load (FCL) and Less than Container Load (LCL).

Ocean Freight

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Online Ocean Freight Tracking:

You can go to Shipping line  Homepage and select the Carrier of the Shipment. Then, enter your Container, Booking, or BL Number and click the Track Shipment button.

​Basenton is an ocean freight forwarding company with a global logistics network spanning all five oceans ,our ocean freight services from China to worldwide have been fully covered from every port in China ( shenzhen, shanghai ,tianjin, ningbo, qingdao etc) to any destination poit worldwide. To save you ocean freight transit time  and money, our ocean shipping experts will help you select proper shipping service pattern according to your specific requirements. With our ocean freight services from China to worldwide, you are able to ship large amounts of cargo with fast ocean freight lead times at a cost-effective rate. Also manage your shipments from coordinating pick-up and delivery to any shipping documentation and provide ongoing service support.

Coverage for all major ocean trade lanes, ensuring equipment availability and vessel space through space guarantee commitments. Offering a choice of different carriers while ensuring the standardized smooth and reliable customer service.

Basenton has partnered with more than 30 of the top international Ocean freight companies , such as MAERSK,MSC,COSCO,APL,CMA,ONE,EMC,HMM,HPL etc, we have direct and effective control of space allocation, ensuring highly competitive tariff and best routings are delivered.Additionally we can provide multimodal door to door services, transport insurance solutions, stuffing and devanning capabilities, special services for automobile, refrigerated items and dangerous goods.

China Port of Departure – How to Choose?

China port
China port

Chinese ports are among the most important ports in the world. 8 of the 17 most important ports in terms of traffic are Chinese. If we include Taiwan and Hongkong, this figure goes up to 10.

Basenton Tips : You want further information shipping routes from China to worldwide? Feel free to check our dedicated page (about Sea freight only).

Factors Affecting Shipping Cost & Time

A Chinese, American or European festival, for instance, may have a major effect on prices and timelines due to its effect on logistics.
Freight shipments are usually fully booked days in advance due to lengthy vacation periods during important Chinese festivals.
The cost of shipping has increased as a result of the strong demand.
We’ve discovered that it’s preferable to schedule your cargo delivery as far in advance as you can during the Chinese New Year.
You’ll have to endure a protracted delivery delay if you don’t.
As a result, we provide you this knowledge to help you understand the fundamentals of this market based on our extensive experience controlling shipping time from China.

Shipping time from China to other countries

Estimated Transit Time (ETT) is the time between the Estimated Time of Departure from origin (ETD) and the Estimated Time of Arrival at the destination (ETA).

As for sea cargo transportation out of China, there’s only a very rough idea showing below.

RegionHow long
USA & Canada (West)20 days
USA & Canada (Eest)30 days
Western Europe25 days
Northern Europe30 days
Southern Europe27 days
Australia15 days
India15 days
Southeast Asia9 days
Eastern Africa30 days
Western Africa40 days
Japan3 days
South Korea4 days
South America (East)30 days
South America (West)45 days

Considerations for FCL Freight Shipping

The 20 feet, with an internal capacity of 28 cubic meters but used to carry weighty goods, 

while the 40 ft. containers are twice the volume of the 20 ft. ones, able to carry up to 68 cubic meters. but both have the same maximum load weight.

Both 20ft and 40ft containers are no more than 27 and 28 tons in China port can load

FCL shipping means renting an entire container for your shipment.  If you have a large enough cargo to occupy a container, or even most of a container, FCL shipping may make the most economical sense.

It’s also quicker than LCL shipping as there is no need to consolidate or deconsolidate your items from others.

Your container will also remain sealed throughout the journey and unless customs officials select it for inspection will be sealed until it arrives at your address or chosen destination.

How Many Cartons per Pallet, How Many Pallets per Container?

What are the dimensions (length, width and height) of the shipping container

Considerations for LCL Freight Shipping

If you shipment cannot fill an entire container, our LCL shipping service from China is always available. You goods need to be sent to my warehouse in China, we will combine multiple shipments into a single container  to load in China and deliver them to the destination port as your require

LCL shipping means your goods will share space with goods from other companies. It also means that your delivery might take a little bit longer, because of both the packing and unpacking process.

The cost of LCL shipping is usually calculated based on the volume or weight of the cargo, whichever is greater. charging a minimum freight charge per cubic meter

LCL is recommended for a volume between 0-15 CBM. However, it may vary depending on the port of departure. Please contact us for more information.

International LCL shipping process
International LCL shipping process

Full Container Load (FCL)

  • Competitive shipping rates
  • Space guarantee with quality shipping lines
  • Offering a choice of service options and schedules
  • Ensuring quality service and documentation
  • Door services at origin and/or destination
  • Freight insurance
  • Custom clearance and documentation of export

Less than Container Load (LCL)

  • Competitive LCL shipping ocean freight rates
  • Consolidation, warehousing and packing / unpacking services
  • Wide variety and flexible choice of shipping schedules
  • Own warehouses for stuffing and temporary storage
  • Freight Insurance
  • Documentation preparation and customs clearance specialists

Main shipping ports in China

Shanghai Port
Located at the mouth of the Yangtze River, the port plays an important role in China’s trade and maritime activities. With a throughput of 43.3 million TEUs in 2019, it is the largest and busiest port in the world.
Main trading partners and strategic importance: Shanghai Port has connections with the United States, Europe, Australia and Africa (KenyaNigeriaAlgeriaAngolaDjiboutiGhanaCote d’Ivoire, Ethiopia, Libya, Mauritius, MoroccoTanzaniaSouth Africa, Tunisia) and other countries around the world Have close trade relations. It is strategically located as the gateway to mainland China and the Pacific Ocean.
Business Background: If you plan to make significant inroads into the Asian market, particularly China and the Pacific, the Port of Shanghai could become an integral part of your shipping strategy due to its massive capacity, sustained activity and strong global presence. network.

Ningbo-Zhoushan Port
Ningbo Zhoushan is located on the coast of the East China Sea in Zhejiang Province and is an important part of China’s “One Belt, One Road” initiative. In 2019, the port handled more than 27 million TEUs.
Main trading partners and strategic importance: The port mainly serves the United States, the European Union, Middle Eastern countries (BahrainEgyptIranIraqIsraelJordanKuwait, Lebanon, OmanQatarSaudi Arabia, Syria, UAEYemen) and Australia. It is also home to China’s largest oil transportation base and is part of the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road.
Business Background: If your business involves commodities such as crude oil, iron ore, coal, or trades with the US, EU or Australian markets, the Ningbo-Zhoushan Port may become a favorable point on your trade routes with its extensive shipping capabilities .

Shenzhen Port
The Port of Shenzhen is located in Guangdong Province, a region known for its strong economic activity. In 2019, shipping volume exceeded 25 million TEUs.
Main trading partners and strategic importance: The port is in a strategic trading position with key markets in Europe (GermanyFrance, ItalyRussiaNetherlandsBelgiumSpainPortugalTurkeySwedenFinlandRomania), the United States and East Asia.
Business Background: If you want to enter the East Asian market, you will find that the vibrant economic environment and large-scale shipping capacity of Shenzhen Port make it an important consideration in your transportation plan.

Guangzhou Port
Guangzhou Port is located in the Pearl River Delta and is known for its comprehensive port services. In 2019, it handled more than 23 million TEUs.
Major trading partners and strategic importance: The port has extensive trade relationships with approximately 500 ports in more than 170 countries and regions.
Business Background: If your business provides transportation of a variety of goods, you will find the Port of Guangzhou’s extensive port services to be an asset to your logistics strategy.

Qingdao Port
Qingdao Port is located in Shandong Province, an important economic zone in China. In 2019, the company handled more than 21 million TEUs.
Main trading partners and strategic importance: Qingdao Port mainly trades with Pacific Rim countries, especially those related to grain trade.
Business Background: If you are looking to strengthen transpacific shipping routes, the port’s extensive network and grain handling capabilities may benefit your business.

Tianjin Port
Tianjin Port is located in Tianjin, northern China. Its shipping volume exceeded 16 million TEUs in 2019, providing convenience for international trade.
Major trading partners and strategic importance: It is the main maritime gateway to Beijing, connecting China with other Asian countries, Europe and the Americas (United States, Canada, MexicoPanamaBrazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru, Venezuela ,Argentina).
Corporate background: If your business scope involves the Beijing market, or your goods meet the needs of North China, using the logistics hub role of Tianjin Port can greatly support your logistics strategy.

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