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Ports Will Play a Key Role in African Trade

If you want to understand a country’s economy, just look at the ports. A closer look at African ports tells us that natural resources will remain the driver of trade in many parts of the continent for years to come.

While the global energy transition favors renewables over hydrocarbons and drives local manufacturing, we are witnessing a trend of new port infrastructure driven by the huge demand for exporting natural resources that will change African economy.

Natural resource development in the region has continued to grow over the past two decades, driven by increased interest from foreign investors and the willingness of African governments to find new sources of funding for their development policies.

The surge in commodity prices, coupled with exponential growth in demand from emerging powers such as China, provides an encouraging backdrop for the emergence of sustainable mining in Africa. New port infrastructure under construction across West Africa, from Gabon to Ghana to Côte d’Ivoire, is meeting this need.

The operational success of a port obviously depends on many conditions, as evidenced by the failure of some new African ports.

The operational efficiency of a ocean freight port depends on its ability to develop effective logistical tools and integrate the port system into a wider inter modal network. In the end, it can be said that the strength of a port comes from the quality of its partners.

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